The mission of Unearthing the Sacred will be to create, inspire, and believe in one’s own navigational compass through learning and developing creative thinking in all areas of life. Creativity, while usually associated merely with the arts, is to be applied to all areas of life, including, but not limited to, career, relationships, hobbies, and financial. Unearthing the Sacred will be focused on the exploration of all learning systems to create improved critical thinking and allow for the development of creativity by changing our perceptions, pushing our boundaries, and freeing the mind. There have been organizations and programs that focus on creativity in a certain field but this organization will specifically go to the core to help create a more well-balanced life and understanding of the infinite possibilities of all that any individual, no matter their background or socially perceived disadvantages, may be.

This is merely the beginning…


Blog Posts quickie:

Redesigning the Self: Understanding the Core of Who We Are – Most of us float through life without really understanding who we are. Are we really who we say we are or are we merely the product of how others have defined us?

Altering the Little Things: Changing the Little Things to Make Way for the Big Things in Life – Being creative with what we have and not worrying about what we don’t. A hodge podge of various ways of changing our environment to bring out the inner us.

Spiritual Evolution: Expanding Our Souls Through Play – Focused specifically on spiritual development through creative play and exploration. For the open-minded only.


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