Just a Little Intro

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Unearthing the Sacred: Just a Little Intro

Welcome friends!

If you’ve somehow managed to find my newest blog here, I’m guessing you too are on a spiritual path. For the last year, I have had some spiritual creativity bubbling inside me, loaded with tools to expand not only our creativity but to help with our awakening process. This is merely the slow beginning, because I couldn’t wait any longer to share with you, to connect with you. Being on the Ascension process is exciting isn’t it?

So, just a little bit about me… Since I was a little child, I have known certain things with definitive clarity. I understood interconnection – that we are all connected through the universe and are responsible towards our fellow human, the animals that reside on this planet, and our planet itself. I was raised within the Protestant faith and around the age of seven I questioned religion in general. It was during a moment of illness (pneumonia, perhaps) that I decided to “conjure up” Christ and had a conversation that I like to say didn’t go well for him. But in reality, it was a conversation that placed me on the path I follow today. I do not believe in organized religion but see the stories of every given faith as a call to rise within ourselves to our highest awareness and being. Religions use symbolism, mythological stories, and poetry because it is through them that our souls can be reached.

Throughout my life, I have felt the inexplicable isolation from those around me as being vastly different in thought and feeling and understanding. As an Empath, I have felt and understood the feeling others allow me to experience which has allowed me to overwhelmingly love everyone, though I do have in me that division of right versus wrong in how we treat others that can unfortunately bring down my estimation of someone if I see or experience mistreatment. When I do wrong, I feel shame for my actions or words or thoughts and I try to correct this and reconnect to the Source/Universe/God. I have, in a way, mastered the idea of the paradox of all that is and can see both sides to every argument, division, or being. With recent events, particularly in the political realm, it has been a bit harder to understand what has been happening, and yet the pull of my calling has never been so potent, justified, expectant, or as apparent, and I’m without doubt that you feel the same. To clarify, I do not see either side of this political divide as being all negative or all positive. I have seen those I love on both sides abandoning the positiveness of their positions and lowering themselves into a battle of negativity – of who is right and who is wrong. ¬†Negativity comes when we don’t step back and examine if our light is shining or if we have been caught up in the turmoil we continue to fuel.

We are living in a time that the Ojibwe nation calls the Seventh Fire in which we must choose the path that leads to love and peace or we will inevitably follow a path that only leads to our destruction. This has been foretold through countless prophecies and legends. In recent years, we have had a new people coming forth to lead the way some of whom are called Indigo Children, Lightworkers, Earth Angels, among others. Whether or not I see myself, or you see yourself, as one of these beings, perhaps like me, you have felt the call to being a light unto the world.

Overcoming the mundane of this world, the negativity that is seemingly exuberant in its fallacy and division of humanity, is overwhelming and difficult to not surrender to but it is our divine spiritual calling. Anyone reading this knows they have a similar mission, for this is the reason you have chosen to be assigned or sent here to earth. We are in a time of a powerful spiritual awakening and I’m blessed to know so many others are on this journey with me.

Love to you and yours, and don’t forget to let your light shine! Blessed be.

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