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Unearthing the Sacred: Positive Energy

In Seventh grade, I knew without a doubt, I was just a little strange, as compared to my classmates. The above photo I drew then – perhaps simplistic but I was only beginning to realize my path. I also created my first bucket list in which the phrase “become positive energy” was the most important. What exactly does “become positive energy” entail though? If you have a strongly developed intuition, you’ve probably come across really perky-over-the-top-sweet individuals whom you wouldn’t trust in a million years. Why is this? I remember in my twenties, a couple of times that I was told I was “real.” I seriously didn’t understand this statement for years, until my path was inundated with people I never felt I could trust – on the surface they appeared bright beacons in a dark world but when I felt their presence, I received a completely different vibe. Positive energy doesn’t just entail being perky, having a smile on your face, and doing “good deeds.” Sometimes positive energy seemingly goes against what would be considered “good deeds” but it always involves authenticity.

The truth of the spirit, or Authenticity, is not only a given in this life – we are meant to be that which we are – but if you choose to align yourself to the spiritual path, it is an unmistakable gift that you will have no desire to suppress from yourself or others. It involves cultivating all aspects of self, for we are multi-faceted and every facet of the self is relevant for spiritual ascension. If the body is neglected, it weighs us down with waste, toxins, pain, and illness. If the mind is neglected, our ignorance and lack of knowledge can never attain true wisdom but instead only prejudices and fears. If the spirit is neglected, creativity and beauty will never be understood or attained but envied or abhorred. If the emotions are suppressed and not experienced, how could we possibly create connection and develop love and understanding? We are meant to be a light unto the world. That light only shines if we know ourselves and allow others to know us.

One of the best practices we can include and do for ourselves is as simple as mindful movement, such as yoga, tai chi, dance, walking in nature, stretching, pilates, and so much more. To be mindful of the movement of the body, experiencing each stretch, loosening, tightening, release of tension does nothing but bring you closer to understanding the beauty that is you.


Do you remember doing these? I used to do them every moment I could it seemed, along with spinning. Ahh, you remember spinning, right? With hands outstretched, around and around until we collapsed onto the ground.  Turns out, we were doing these for a reason. Stretching the spine allows for the kundalini to breathe and toxins to disperse. Spinning helps the chakras to accelerate  their natural individual spinning within us.  I’m told spinning in place 33 times, 3 times a day is what is needed to keep the chakras healthy and in balance (something that can be done slowly and built up to.)  But chakras, kundalini, and yoga is a topic for another day.

Most of us don’t always see ourselves as others do. Is there really ever a time that others see us how we want them to? It can be achieved. Soulmates can recognize our souls for what they are, though until we get rid of all the baggage, there will be moments of dissonance between them, if not a parting of ways. The other way to achieve authenticity is just letting go. Letting go of the societal trappings, the worrying of what others may think, and the guilt if we don’t do what others want. It took me almost fifteen years to say “screw it” and to start going after what I want (again) by not continuing to sit on the sidelines because I have no desire to do what others demand of me. Not only the weight that I placed on my shoulders lifted but others backed off and accepted. As another example, a friend of mine told me that until he decided to become a man (as he was born of the female sex,) he didn’t feel that acceptance from friends, family, or society. As soon as he began the adjustment, the judgments seemed to disperse.

When we choose ourselves and what makes us happy, everything will fall into place.  It is what we are meant to do – find happiness. So, tell me… what is one thing you do that makes you feel joy? Can you name at least one? If not, we need to talk. If you’re in the latter group, learning to “dare” and “explore” are really going to have to become part of your vocabulary. What is one thing you always wanted to do but haven’t yet? Is it easily doable or does it take some work to get you there? What’s one step you can take to get you to your goal?

To get you through the rough emotional times, one thing you can do is remembering your most joyous moment in life. Envision – the colors, the smells, the sounds.  Hold it in your mind with total clarity and just breathe – in through the nose, hold, and out through the mouth.

And please, don’t forget to be awesome!

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