The Clairs

Unearthing the Sacred: The Clairs

For those of us who have allowed our intuition to develop, even remotely, we probably have one sense developed more than others. Some are:

  • clairaudient (clear hearing): the ability to hear words or sounds others cannot, telepathy, perhaps ringing in the ears
  • clairsentient (clear feeling):
    • clairempathy (clear emotion): sensing the emotional state of another being, sensing the vibe of a room
    • clairtangency (clear touching): psychometry
    • clairsomatica (clear bodily sensing): physical symptoms due to energy sensitivity
  • clairvoyant (clear seeing): mental images and impressions of past, present, and future events
  • claircognizant (clear knowing): just knowing something without being told by an external source
  • clairscent (clear smelling): smelling something that shouldn’t be in your physical surroundings
  • clairgustance (clear tasting): tasting something that was not placed in the mouth

Most of us will have access and abilities in most of these areas, if not all. My least developed involves clairgustance (there might be a slight tendency towards this when my clairscent ability is at its strongest but the overpowering smell outweighs any thoughts towards taste) and clairvoyancy.

Today, I have been overwhelmed by my clairscent ability which seems to have developed quite strongly within me in the last few years. My niece has brought over her two beautiful daughters (one who was talking about the time she lived in the “Dark Ages”) and the other who was just born into this world two weeks ago, named Sage. Now, as I was holding Sage somehow we (my niece, my Stepmother, and I) got onto the subject of ghosts/spirits. (Our family is very sensitive to this as several in my family have seen spirits or other spiritual phenomenon.) I brought up that my Step-grandmother (whose apartment I now possess after her passing) likes to come and visit. Lately it’s been more often. She makes her presence known by emanating a perfume-like smell to me. After I brought this up, her presence came in and remained until I left, with no one else being able to smell it. This would be the first time I smelled this scent outside of my apartment. The first time I was aware of her presence was the the day after I had heard a noise of something falling. I looked everywhere and couldn’t find the source of the noise until the next day. As a hobby, and as mentioned in a previous post, I am also a jewelry designer. Somehow, the replica of earrings I had made for her (and which she wore every time she left the house) had ended up on the floor from its fairly secure post. After that, I was being inundated with a perfume smell in one particular spot. But it wasn’t consistently there. And, it moved to different spots, different times, different variations of strength. Now, I offer a greeting each time I smell the scent.

Another instance when this sense has come in strongly is on two occasions with two different men. It acted as a bright red flag of a warning with the nauseating odor of sourness. Even with the obviousness of a shower, it was an overpowering smell to me. In both cases, they turned out to be very bad news.

Claircognizance and clairsentience are the two most developed senses I have. I’ve been accused of reading people’s minds by saying the exact words they were about to say and can walk into a room and get the emotional lay of the land within seconds. There was a time I didn’t know how to control the latter, but I have since learned the best way to deal with high emotional intensity is to have something to focus on (like a friend, phone, the cat – but that’s for a later Empathic discussion.)

There’s many books out there that can help you develop your intuition, but I decided to leave you with a few exercises that may be odd, but might help you to develop psychic awareness.

Exercise # 1:

  • In your journal, write down the name of a song, any song. In fact, do this with a variety of songs. Answer the following questions, writing down not only your immediate impressions but any that you continue to be drawn to as you slowly muse upon the song:
    • What emotion(s) does the song evoke for you?
    • If you could smell this song, the lyrics, the rhythm, what kind of scents would it invoke?
    • Is there a memory that this song brings to mind?

Try this exercise also with colors, places, thoughts, whatever your imagination comes up with. You can also substitute “smell” for “feel like,” “look like,” or “taste like” – whichever sense you wish to develop more.

Exercise # 2:

  • On about 10 cards (the number is up to you) write out questions – random or personal, one on each card. Find a spot to get comfortable in whether it’s sitting or lying down is up to you. I prefer lying down as I will then place one randomly picked card (do NOT look at it) on top of my forehead (where the third eye happens to be.) Focus on your breathing – slowly in… pause, slowly out… pause. Imagine a thick silver cord running from your feet to the center of the earth and drawing in with each breath the power of the earth and with each exhale it draws out your stress. If you know how, feel free to clear your chakras too and/or imagine a gold or white aura surrounding you. When you feel sufficiently relaxed count down slowly from 10. Focus on each number and imagine your body is getting heavier and more relaxed with each number. When you reach 1, open your third eye and begin concentrating on the card. For me, this is a great tool for opening up to clairvoyancy. It allows the imagination to run free with images, colors, symbols. Sometimes I can guess what the card says when the impressions start rolling out (and I’m always right.) When the images stop coming, write down any impressions you received. In able to receive accurate answers, you must be in a meditative state. If you’re agitated or restless in any way, it won’t work as well.

Exercise # 3:

  • Tarot intuition: If you are still a novice at tarot or have no experience and can access a deck:
    • forget the book of instructions, forget how each card is interpreted for you
    • think of a question:
      • to begin, start with a non-personal open-ended (non yes or no) question, perhaps one that has to do with someone you know but that perhaps you don’t have a vested interest in or a political, social, financial kind-of-question
      • you want one that you may be able to watch the outcome of without being able to turn the outcome in your favor or to interpret it in your favor
    • decide which card spread you wish to use or make up your own
    • spread the deck of cards out
    • rub your hands together to generate heat and hover your non-dominant hand over the cards, drawing whichever ones “speak” to you, placing each card in their respective position of the chosen spread
    • when all cards are drawn and placed into position, analyze the spread
    • forget what symbols are drawn on the cards
    • forget the books interpretation if you remember any
    • don’t look at any words that are written
    • instead, look at the shapes, the light, the dark, if there’s a certain flow to all the cards, if there seems to be breaks or shattering type cracks in the general atmosphere of the spread – basically, think of the card spread as an abstract painting that you’re trying to interpret
    • Focus on a central location within the spread and allow your eyes to blur, what do you see now?
    • write down all of your impressions when you think you have seen all that there is
    • and, finally, write down your final analysis of your impressions
    • in the weeks to come, attempt to follow the outcome of the answer to your question

Let me know if you have any tools or exercises you use to help with developing your psychic sense. I would love to hear in the comments below, or you can just let me know what’s your most developed or favorite sense to work with. Have a wonderful day and don’t forget to be awesome!




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