Unearthing the Sacred: Boundaries

I have a problem. It’s something I’ve been aware of for a long time but it wasn’t made so clear to me until an Empath on Youtube (I don’t remember which one at the moment) said something that resonated with me and gave me that “Aha!” moment.

Here it is:

I let people in based on the potential of goodness I see within them.

Um, yeah. Totally me.

I need to stop this. If you’re doing this also, and it’s bringing you down, you need too to reexamine your openness, especially if you are an Empath. We are here to love, raise our vibrational energy with positive light and expand it beyond ourselves so that others can feel and experience it while also raising their vibrational level and shine their light. However, we have a tendency to give and give or be so open that others either take and take or think we are the answer to their problems. We CAN love from afar.

Acknowledge the goodness in another by giving them the respect they deserve and being kind. But if your heart says this one isn’t the one, or that it’s just not wanting this individual to become attached, move on. Listen to those inner twinges that are hesitant, or even screaming ‘No!’ It’s okay to put up our boundaries. We are not meant to take care of everyone that comes into our world or take on their burdens, insecurities, or even make them feel better about themselves. First, and foremost, we are here to be happy, to feel joy, and be the beacon of light we are meant to shine brilliantly. Let’s not let someone else take even a smidge of our light, just because they have goodness within them or you see the potential within them. Everyone is meant to find their own light within themselves, not steal from someone else, and unfortunately even the kind ones may do this without realizing.

Being joyful helps to raise others to a more positive vibration. There is no need to give our joy away, they can feel it already.

So, say it with me: “No.”

No, no, no, no, no.

Simple and yet one of the most difficult words for some us to say, isn’t it? Ugh. Even me, who has been known to be a total terror to negative leaches. But nice ones… even I can be a coward.

So, if you’re in the same boat as I am, let’s try to be more aware of when we’re in another situation where someone wants us to say “yes” but all we want to do is say “no.” If you catch onto that thought, put up those boundaries. The world is not going to end if we say “no” to that potentially nice person.

Shine that light of yours and don’t forget to be awesome!

Oh, and just say “no.”

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