Defining the Self, part 3

Unearthing the Sacred: Defining the Self, part 3

What is the ultimate, the most fantastical color in the whole of the world that makes you sing with joy every time you see it, wear it, are surrounded by it? If it’s blue, what kind of blue? If it’s orange, does it have more of a yellow tone or a red?

***(Please resist saying black. Black is the absence of color. Yes, I have way too much black in my wardrobe too. It’s a “color” that allows you to blend into the crowd, to hide. I would say, if black is your favorite color, you don’t know yourself too well or are afraid to reveal yourself to others. You have a light, you need to learn how to use it. If you insist on black, use this exercise to play around with how different colors feel. See:

Tell me about it. Describe the color with all its richness of hues and shade. How does it make you feel? When you think about it, what words come to mind? Come up with a list of descriptive words of how it looks to you, how it makes you feel, what it would smell like if you could smell it, what it would feel like if could touch it. Google it to see what people have to say about the meaning behind the color.

Turquoise has always been my absolute favorite color, but not just any shade of turquoise. I would call it Electric Blue Turquoise. I saw the exact color on a passing car recently and it made my heart leap. It’s as if a brilliant navy blue was crossed with lily pad green and shocked by a huge volt of electricity. It is my favorite color as it represents to me spiritual attainment, happiness, self-awareness, healing, intuition, creativity, and reflective nautical dreams. When I feel this color, it’s as if I’ve stepped into some mythological sequence, dreamlike but alive and magnetic and vital, as if my heart has stopped beating and yet bursting at the seams all at once. If I could taste it, the savoring of the sweetness would melt and linger on my tongue like a fine sweet red wine with hints of cinnamon, lavender, and rosemary. To feel it would be like wrapping myself in a crisp sheet of silk and furry slippers.

Imagine your chosen color glowing around you as you sit or lie in a meditative state. Allow it to grow and brighten around you, outwards. Does it feel as you described? Allow your body to bask in its encompassing presence for awhile.

Are you reflecting how this color makes you feel into your own life? Does your life resonate as this color resonates with you? What changes can you make into your wardrobe, your lifestyle, your home surroundings that can reflect the feel of this sensation? It’s not about integrating the color itself into your life but integrating the feeling into your life. Authenticity is emanating the feeling of all that resonates within you.

As another way of looking at this, we all have what’s called an aura or energy field. If you read the few books on the market about them, supposedly there’s only basic colors that any of us inhabit: red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple, indigo – the colors of the chakras or the rainbow. But I beg to differ. I think we are all capable and blessed with differing shades of auras that reflect and are indicative of our individual mind/body/soul path that we all walk. And yes, it does change, depending on our state of being. A friend of mine, after knowing him half of my life, finally revealed to me at one point that he could see auras. At the time, he said mine was a deep brown which indicated to him grounded, earthy, down-to-earth. The last time I asked him (which was a few years ago) he said I was glowing a brilliant green.

So, instead of worrying about what image you are projecting out into the world, are you projecting the feeling of your being out into the world? How authentic are you truly? Work on matching the internal vibes with the outward projection and life will start falling into place.

Let me know what your favorite color is and how you’d describe it in the comments below, and, as always, don’t forget to be awesome!

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