Shattering the Illusions of Self

We spent our childhoods figuring out who we are. We’ve padded our adult life with things, jobs, situations that reflect that which we think we are. And, if you’ve read the last three posts, you’ve focused even more on the Self and the many possibilities of all it is or can be. But this is not who you are. Why?

Because you are so much more. And then some. We each have a tendency to remain locked within certain restrictions. We maintain habitual cycles like the type of people we date, the type of scenarios we subconsciously insist on going through again and again. (Ugh. Seriously? Aren’t they so annoying?) We maintain the same job or type of jobs throughout our life, even if we are beyond bored with them. We even view those we love as the same people they once were even though they keep showing us differently but we don’t wish to see. We hold tight to the belief systems we were taught as a child – religion, financial, work ethics, the way to raise a family, the way to deal with an ex, how to treat others. We define who we are, listen to what others say about us, and take it all in as a belief system that ends up limiting us in all that we do.

Awareness is essential to growth – spiritual, mental, emotional, even physical. Each of us has been raised and hammered with a set of beliefs, some of which our own parents would be appalled to learn they taught us. They may have inadvertantly taught you a mantra about being poor like “We can’t afford this” and you’ve recited it to yourself until you have created a life in which you are too poor to afford anything. Or, perhaps they taught you about the negatives of love that are now on repeat in your head “he’s always going to leave” or “they will always hurt me for I’m not worthy.”

This is a time to banish the negatives. Perhaps we were taught unwittingly similar life stories but we continue to create a life we don’t want when we remain focused on the negatives.

How do you create a life you love and can experience joy within? Well, it’s the easiest thing in the world and yet the human brain likes to make it the hardest thing we’ve ever had to accomplish.

First, it’s all about gratitude.  What are you grateful for in your here and now?

Secondly, feel your gratitude, feel the love, feel the abundance in the now. Keep your focus on how the abundance feels, not on the lack of it.

And, thirdly, change your words and your thoughts. Every time a negative comes into your awareness (ie. financial lack, the thought “I can’t afford this,” etc.) change the thought and words. There is an excellent series of videos on Youtube under the heading Abraham Hicks. Abraham is composed of various entities of whom Ethyl Hicks is channeling. They speak of amassing abundance into your life – in all areas of your life. Here’s a couple of exercises to try that they have suggested:

  1. Financial: Go window shopping with whatever amount of cash you have on hand. Say it’s a $20 bill. Knowing that you have that on you, see what all you can buy with that $20 bill. Speak it outloud, “I can buy 17 boxes of spaghetti noodles,” or “I can buy that 64-pack of pastels plus a Strathmore drawing pad and a .01 micro-ink pen.”) Be specific and latch onto that feeling. You’re not actually going to spend money, you’re just garnering that feeling of abundance. Every time you get a little more money saved up, go window shopping and feel the abundance of this exercise.
  2. Relationships: Make a list of all the times in your life that you felt special. Write down all the specifics in every romantic relationship that you’ve ever had that made you feel beautiful, special, loved. For my list, I even added a few non-romantic moments that I have attached a feeling of joy to (like the time I was hiking through the Shenandoah National Park and had just one moment of “gloriousness” after another.) Each time you go through the list, focus on the feeling of that moment, not the who in the equation. Acquiring abundance in your love life isn’t about retrieving the old relationships but welcoming a new belief system.
  3. Abundance in general: This is similar to #2 – make a list of all the moments in your life in which you felt pure gratitude, love, joy, abundance in your life. Reflect on the feeling of each moment, feeling that emotion to its most beautiful core and allow it to shine within you.

If we learn to change the narrative and the emotional attachment to our life stories, we can become even greater than that which we think we are. Try Do any of the above exercises for just one month and see what happens. Your personal perspective is the only thing that shapes your world.

Have a blessed day and don’t forget to be awesome!

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