The Art of Invisibility

Unearthing the Sacred: The Art of Invisibilty

Last night, I became enthralled with a Dolores Cannon video that had me inwardly saying “Oh! That explains a lot.” There was a question at the end though that I would love to hear if anyone else has ever had a similar experience. The audience member stated that one time she experienced a big black circle materialize before her and bright blue light came from her body. Since experiencing this, there are times when people become invisible to her, including parts of herself (and always with a green light emanating prior.) (For more details, go to 1:39:45 of the video.) Dolores explains this as a fluctuation between the 3rd and 4th dimensions.

Now, I’ve never experienced this but Dolores also said that’s why sometimes you go out into the world and other people won’t see you. For example, in recent months, particularly, I’ve had many an experience of walking up to a counter to pay for my order and salespeople walking off, without acknowledging me. It’s only when I get annoyed, that I am finally seen (a lowering of my vibrational field.) It is a simple thing, perhaps, to believe it may be a fluctuation between dimensions, but, on the other hand, this is a fairly new experience for me that seems to be happening with greater frequency. Technically, it’s not the only instance though. At various points in my life, even friends may not see me for the longest time before I finally stand directly before them.  This last, I’ve always assumed it’s because I can be extremely quiet and unobtrusive, but when I correlate it with the first instance, I start off in a peaceful state (not seen) and end up annoyed (seen.)

Has anyone else had similar experiences? What about the experience as described by the audience member?

Doesn’t this make you wonder why everyone you surround yourself are at a similar vibrational level as you, or lower? It’s only as you raise your frequency – your levels of joy and positivity – that you come into contact with more like-minded individuals.

Let me know in the comments your experiences and continue to be your awesome self!

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