Volunteers for the New Earth

Unearthing the Sacred: Volunteers for the New Earth

If the post’s title sounds even remotely familiar, my guess is you’ve read some Dolores Cannon somewhere along the line. But in case you’re not familiar with anything I’ve just wrote, it has been channeled by many that 3 waves of “volunteers” have come to earth to help humans with the ascension process and into a higher dimension. The first wave started coming in at the time of the atomic bombings that utterly destroyed Hiroshima and Nagasaki in WWII. Because of the devastating effect our own destruction can have on the rest of the universe, it was an absolute necessity to intervene. Because of the newness of this intervention, the first wave had the most difficulty adjusting to their earthly experience. The second wave have had it easier, of course, whereas the last wave, currently children, seem to be coming into this world with their inner knowing and greatness still intact (and prodigy level at ultra max.)

That’s a very simplistic description I’ve just given obviously but it had me thinking about how do you know if you’re one of them? Does it really matter? We all want to feel special and know that we have greatness within us, some of us more than others perhaps. But, I’m guessing, the difference is that these volunteers inherently KNOW they don’t belong – they’re out of time, out of place, yet they know they have a mission to accomplish (even if they have forgotten what it is.) This led me to create a list of “you know you’re a volunteer if…” Personally though, if you’re reading about the ascension process in any way, shape, or form and have that inner knowing of not belonging, you’re more than likely a volunteer.

When I started reading into the ascension process and hearing the likes of the Pleiadians, Dolores Cannon, Kryon, etcetera, I felt like I was finally coming home. (Did you feel this too?) As far back as I can remember, I questioned everything about this human existence, always asking the “why’s.” It led me to read philosophers and religious texts at a very young age. It had me manifesting Jesus to hold a discussion on his existence when I was just 6. It had me experimenting in life and making friends with philosophical types (non-materialistic.) I was the one that could be found at parties communing with the cats or having hour long conversations about ‘what is God?’ I was always the one with the contrary word when I heard others saying they didn’t believe in life on other planets, or saying “this is the only way” politically for this country (ever always the one to understand both sides), or when others were adamantly defending whatever societal construct as being the only way (even though they’re not working like they could.) I was the one having long periods of enlightenment in which I became ecstatic over the full understanding of paradox, or the idea of nothingness in Buddhism, or going on hiatus from the world.

Do I believe myself to be a “volunteer?” I believe the idea resonates within me, but I am not arrogant or knowledgeable enough to fully know without a doubt. Do I believe in that which I am talking about? Once again, it resonates within me. I choose to accept that I know nothing, that truth is subjective as well as collective but only as you wish to believe it to be true. Truth is, perhaps, only that which resonates within you. In short, to not at least honor it, makes claim to being wiser than I truly am. So, though I have compiled/created this list, it is not because I know without a doubt, only because I feel I am being directed to do so.

Signs you might be a volunteer:

  • Ever since you can remember, you’ve never felt like earth was your home, no matter how many times you’ve moved or explored the world
  • You constantly wonder how people can do so much hurt and cause so much destruction to themselves, others, and the natural world
  • It pains you, sometimes literally, when you see others hurt because of hate
  • You’ve always had a spiritual connection that went beyond the religious constructs in which you were raised and consequently do not follow or believe in organized religion
  • Nature is your “church”
  • Prayer is a different concept for you – it is a constant, non-stop conference  with the Source
  • Maybe on your bucket list, you placed on there “be positive energy”
  • You’ve always understood the New Age stuff like clairvoyancy, auras, channeling – it’s something that’s always resonated with you
  • You have never really been materialistic, perhaps you’ve even been called a “minimalist” – money means very little to you
  • You see the interconnection between all things and understand that whatever you do or say has reverberations that resonate throughout the world
  • Perhaps it took you a really long time in your life to understand guilt and regret because you were always authentic in who you were
  • You can see far into the future and intuitively know how your actions and the actions of others will affect the world at large
  • You see behind the masks that others present to the world and can seemingly look into their soul
  • Other people may have mentioned that you can read their mind (because you’re so intuitive)
  • You have a tendency to easily disregard outer appearances of others – having a strong inner knowing that the clothes, the color of one’s skin, or the dishevelment does not even remotely describe a persons character
  • If there’s one thing you abhor, it’s inauthenticity
  • You my need lots of quiet time, away from others
  • You have an ability to see the greatness in others and have the ability to draw that out of them, even if your ways are unorthodox
  • Many of your ways are unorthodox and baffle others
  • You’ve always been a bit of a conundrum or a mystery to others
  • You’re an Empath, feeling the emotions of all those around you
  • You’ve always felt different from everyone around you
  • You are creative (which doesn’t necessarily refer to being in the arts, but creative in whatever field you might be)
  • You may not age like everyone else (do others always guess your age way younger than you are?)
  • You have the greatest patience with others who are gentle spirits
  • You get frustrated (or used to) a lot that others can’t see what you see
  • As much as you’d like to see only good, you understand the paradox of all earthly things whereas bad things can cause good and vice versa
  • You’ve always questioned EVERYTHING
  • People have a tendency to look to you for answers and guidance
  • Sometimes you seem to talk in circles because you can see all sides to all things
  • You’ve always had a strict code of ethics that you follow, which may not be the same as others
  • You’re reading this and every other piece of material you can find on the ascension process, and finally remember that you really aren’t alone
  • You don’t find it difficult, or too difficult, to believe in any of this

Please feel free to list more in the comments or ask any questions if something I wrote baffles you.  And, as always, just be your awesome self!


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