This morning I seem to be on a rather strange, winding research of the oddest topics. This strangeness began with meeting a man whom I have a rather curious and yet most natural resonance with. We’ve discovered the strangest of links to each other that are more based on a soulful or symbolic connection than perhaps life choices. One very simple thing that caught my attention recently is the fact that he has an Orion tattoo. Since I was a little girl, I have held a fascination with Orion – as long as I see it in the sky, I feel protected from all harm, providing an odd sense of comfort. So, this morning, I decided to Google “Orion” and see where it took me. Fascinating the strangeness you may find when you allow anything and everything to come into your awareness. In recent months, I have chosen to keep an open mind with the idea that I know nothing (see my post on the Socratic Method.)

My Google history this morning looks something like this:

Orion > Orion inhabitants > Mormons number of saved souls to heaven > 144,000 > 144,000 volunteers > 144,000 ascension

And, this is how my brain works…

(Just a note, I jumped from Orion to Mormons because one article I read rambled off a number that made me think of my study of Mormon religion which states a certain number only would ascend to heaven.)

Now, oddly enough, where my brain is now – I’m contemplating how I’ve always believed when your are ready to receive information it will come to you (which, considering the blogs I read about Orionians, it seems a little convoluted and outside of my understanding perhaps, even with my philosophy of “I know nothing” therefor I can’t invalidate anything.)

So, if certain information will only come to you only when you are ready… let’s say you are one of the [144,000 (?)] volunteers that have come into recent incarnation upon this planet, do only those volunteers come into information that leads them to anything in regards to the three waves of volunteers? Or is that available to everyone and it makes no difference as long as the vibrational energy is being raised for ascension? Hmm.

Yes, I’m rambling today.

But, perhaps, that’s the point of this post. Are you allowing the random ideas that pop into your head or the interesting coincidences in your life to take you on a journey that will lead you to people, places, or other ideas that you never would have allowed to enter into your life before?

Yes, I’m overwhelmed by the convoluted, strangeness of the massive amount of information and ideas that have come into my life only recently, but, man, what a thrilling ride it is!


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