The Foundation of Hate?

Revelation: having hatred for others implies hatred for the self. Something to ponder…

And, as a point of reference – hatred can include the following:
1. Over-generalization (ex. one bad encounter w/ someone means their entire race or culture is bad)
2. Mind-reading (assuming you know what someone else is thinking)
3. Emotional reading (assuming your emotional response to a situation is an accurate reflection)
4. Customization (assuming the cause of the event)
5. Maximization/Minimization (treating certain events/situations as trivial and others as very significant)
6. Catastrophic thinking (treating negative events dis-proportionally w/out gaining perspective)***

Either way, we humans have a tendency to not understand ourselves very well. We are highly subjective creatures who first learn to navigate this world through pain vs. pleasure, then somehow end up placing more value on other’s opinions and ideas, all the while justifying our hates and so-called values through the 6 variables of hate as listed above. I wish to add a 7th: Environmental Development – the consistent outside influence of phobic propaganda (which can stem from family/friends/etc.)

Are you truly aware enough of the self to justify your hate?

*The Psychology of Hatred, Navarro.

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