Energy Protection Shields

After attempting to Google in various combinations of what I’m about to describe, I finally gave up with the futility and decided to write about it instead. Within a span of a five hour conversation I had tonight with my best friend, I broached a subject about, for lack of a better phrase, energy shields. I told her a story about how one night (roughly one in the morning) I decided to walk to a friend’s house. Now, between our houses lay two small parks connected by a bridge crossing a river, not the safest route to take that late at night. My cat walked by my side, which I thought odd (and even crossed the bridge with me before turning back towards home.) There was a street light at the beginning of the bridge. I was having difficulty focusing on it because for some reason, I could see not one light but several orbs of light lining the trees at the same level as the street light. They were blinding enough that I couldn’t see beyond into the wooded area. I sensed that I should probably turn back but, on the other hand, between the odd behavior of my cat, and the strange lights, I felt protected. After I crossed the bridge, my ability to see was fully restored and I went the 200 feet to my friend’s house with no problem. Since this moment, I have had similar experiences. The only way I can describe them is that there seems to be this light or energy field that protects me by not only blocking my view of what lies beyond but, seemingly, keeping me shielded from whoever or whatever may be on the other side of that light energy field.

When I described this to my friend, she casually mentioned that she experiences this everyday, particularly when there’s a black background. Since she was a child, this has been occurring but with patterns to the light. Each pattern is attached to a different emotion and physical sensation. For me, it has so far been felt as protective but with a physical pressure emanating from the third eye area.

Out of curiosity, has anyone else experienced this unusual experience?

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