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Recently, I just had to buy this fascinating book called Know the Name; Know the Person: Decoding Letters to Reveal Secrets Hidden in Names by Sharón Lynn Wyeth. As a full fledged Sagittarian with 4 planets in the Sags house, I can’t help but be captivated by personality categorization systems, whether it’s astrology, the Myers-Briggs testing, or through numerology. I became fascinated with wanting this book after hearing the author doing an interview on Coast to Coast. She said she had found that certain sounds and letters would indicate definitive character traits. The more she studied, the sharper the understanding of this concept it became. (Mind you, she has me down pat.)

Did anyone see the movie Arrival? Amy Adams plays a linguist who must learn to interpret an unknown alien language. By the end, it becomes an universal language.

The above two concepts made me begin to wonder about something…

The story of the Tower of Babel begins with a united people with one goal and one language. But, so it seems, God got bored and decided to shake things up by muddying  the language so that no one could understand one another any longer.  But, what if there is indeed a universal language still active as an inherent common denominator?

When it comes to symbols and emoticons, the world cultures have learned, at least to some extent, agreement in meaning, or at least understanding of how other cultures interpret them differently. Displays of emotions are indeed an universal language that everyone has the capacity to understand but stops short of logic and reasoning capabilities.

If, what Wyeth has found to be true, can that cross language barriers? Are there certain sounds and symbols that traverse the limitations within each language and cross over to all other cultures? I’m not talking just, in example, Latin as the basis for the Romantic and Germanic languages in which, if you know Latin, you can converse with someone who is Italian or Swedish without any formal study of those specific languages. I mean ALL languages where there doesn’t appear to be a commonality.

Does anyone remember Priscilla Dunstan on Oprah? That name probably doesn’t ring a bell. I certainly didn’t remember her name but I do remember the show. She was blessed with a keen ear for sound which, when she had her baby, came in very handy. She learned that her child had certain ways of asking for different things. Soon, she realized this was universal, with all babies throughout the world. (Check out the video here.) At the beginning of the video, she states that she can even tell what a person may be ill with or what kind of mood they are in, just by the sound of their voice. Through the sound of the voice, she receives information in color, texture, vibration, etc.

There are certain symbols, at the very least, found within many of the varying world cultures such as the swastika (the original symbol not the one defiled by the nazis,) the spiral, the tectiform, the palm, the cruciform, etc. If we take this one very large step further in the world of symbols, we should take into account crop circles, if, in particular, they are indeed not human-made. Gerald S. Hawkins found that there was an Euclidean Geometry formula occurring (you can read about that here) and Freddy Silva wrote on crop circles and Sacred Geometry in a book called Secrets in the Fields (excerpt can be read here.) Within these formations, we have symbols as well as mathematics (another fairly universal language, except for those us who struggle with it.) This leads me to another “language” – one that many will debate as to whether or not it is indeed a language.

Light language. (I wrote about light language in an earlier post here.) Growing up, I would hear about “speaking in tongues” and just thought it weird (or at least was taught to think of it as weird.) It wasn’t until about 10 years ago I found out one of my cousins would speak in tongue at her church, while someone else would translate. As mentioned in my previous post on light language, I seemed to have tapped into it… at least when around my cats. (They knew what I was saying, even if I didn’t.) The thing I’ve heard about light language is that it isn’t really meant to be understood logically, with the mind, but instead with the heart. I have heard it spoken, sung, and have seen it written. Though we not know what to do with this one, supposedly our hearts do. (Speaking of light language being sung, check out CreatedbyIndigo for a rather unique experience.)

Language, in all its many forms – verbal, visual, heart-felt, or physically-felt – is one of those mysteries I would love to crack the code to. Perhaps, when it comes down to it, tapping into our third eye, psychic, or intuitive ability is the key to it all. For if you are able to do that, without your logical brain scrambling the signals, the power to understand another is at your fingertips. It is said that back in Atlantis’ hayday, telepathy was the norm (you’ll have to explore Dolores Cannon‘s many books for that one, particularly the Convoluted Series.)


Something to Try:

If you don’t own a set of Tarot, I highly recommend buying one. They’re an excellent tool for understanding universal symbolism. I actually use the Haindl Tarot in which each suit represents a different culture – American Indigenous for Stones (Pentacles), Celtic Mythology for Cups, Hinduism for Wands, and the Egyptian Mythology for Swords. Find a moment each day to meditate on a card. Don’t worry about what the book says it means. What do see and feel when you look at it? Turn it upside down. What do you see now? Does the card feel different to you in this position? If you want, feel free to do a complete layout such as the Celtic Cross. But, still, don’t try to analyze the cards using the book if you’re new to the Tarot. Soak it in. See where the light and the dark are. How does it flow or does it seem erratic? Do any symbols emerge on the whole or are there many of the same symbols found frequently? Does any area give you anxiety? Make you feel euphoria? Any thoughts, ideas, dreams, situations arise for you? Write your impressions down, even the weird ones.

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