The God Script

Melanie Stevens

Awhile ago, the phrase “I’m recharging my God script” popped in my head. It was an apt descriptor as I was having trouble maintaining my energy by the end of each day.

I’ve been working with understanding, feeling, seeing, and purifying the energy fields, chakras, and meridian lines without employing proper protections. I go out into public charged with energy and quickly become depleted until I wake the next morning feeling bruised and battered (I have learned since how to not only recharge my batteries but protect that energy so it maintains a steady vibration.) Whether you believe that it’s a possibility of seeing energy, you should be able to sense it to an extent at the very least. We can feel when another persons depression or anger pulls us low along with them. We can feel the desire to be inert or when we get sick and understand the depletion of our energy. On a regular basis, we need to be vigilant about recharging our own God script.

The God script is that which we draw our strength from, replenishes us, keeps our inner compass aligned with our North Star, God, Source, or the ‘I am that I am’ – whatever it is you wish to call it.

According to Wikipedia, there are 14 types of energy that are measurable. Some energy we can see in motion like kinetic energy, such as a moving vehicle. But, I’m more intrigued in (what seems to me) actual energy that in itself can have the possibility of being seen without the theatrics of objects colliding or moving in demonstration. So far, I have been able to visually see three different types of energy, though I know there’s probably an infinite, or beyond our understanding, number of ways in which energy is transferred, employed, and released.

As in my previous post, The Inbetween, there is a gaseous looking one that emanates from living objects. To me, this is kind of a tribal communication – beings of similarity communicating on a subconscious or (particularly with plants) conscious plane. This is represented by the aura as it moves in waves between two like beings, such as can be seen around trees or  humans. It undulates and weaves a dance that meshes with the aura of another. With trees, it’s usually, if not always, a mutual exchange of information. With humans, it can leave one person depleted and another energized, unless the two are in a harmonic vibration of equal love and joy.

The second is what I call ‘light particles’ that dance in the air. They are visible at any time of the day but easier to see on those clear, blue sky days. I feel as if they are more like recharging the energy throughout the land, keeping everything in balance – almost as if they are imbuing all with the joy and love from the sun. At night, they are harder to see but still there trying to keep the light within the darkness. To me, because I feel like they are direct light particles from the sun bringing in that light and love, it would explain why we need sunshine for our mental and physical health. It was in the 1970’s that Fritz-Albert Popp discovered biophotons, meaning he found light within the human body. In able to replenish these biophotons, we must receive a certain amount of light from the sun and ingest higher vibrational foods such as vegetables and fruits. When we become ill, the balance of necessary light photons becomes either too much that the body essentially goes haywire or starts shutting down due to light being blocked and bio-rhythms getting out of sync, not only internally but what appeared to be also externally in conjunction with the world-at-large. (Check out this article for more in-depth and fascinating info or read The Field: The Quest for the Secret Force of the Universe by Lynne McTaggart.)

The last are the energy strands I have only recently been able to see visually. They are the communication between all of matter that keep us interconnected through space, time, and, in a sense (as String Theory states), through gravity (more specifically, gravitons.) [But, by saying ‘gravity’ that infers mass, weight, or a force keeping us bound to a centralized location, not exactly what I would lump in with space and time. On one hand, yes; on the other hand, for me, it’s referring to earth as a familial (or, more specifically, matriarchal) bond, not just a gravitational force but an innate, inherited motherly devotion to her kids kind-of-thing.] Moreover, within the String Theory concept it does comprehend a vibration state that corresponds with my idea of a communicative exchange. These strands do go in different directions – from object to object, towards the earth, up into the sky, and diagonally. I remember reading that scientists believed the darker grey strings were that which was the energy itself. To me, these strands are more like the connection, or a binding component, whereas the light (or white) strands are the actual communication lines. They carry with them vibration and sound (check out Jarrod Bryne Mayer’s awesome book for an in-depth look at sound called ‘The Architecture of Sound and the Alchemy of Transcendence) that convey needed information. [As a side note, when I place my hand in front of me, palm up, I can see some of the white lines a little wider, as well as some that are short and spiky. This would indicate to me (at this early phase of my understanding) that these would be indicators of perhaps erratic energy and something possible wrong or, on the other extreme, extra energy that can’t be contained for some reason.)

It is said that we are creators. We are here to create, through the use of energy. Energy, when used properly, knowledgeably, and coherently, is done through love and joy. Let me repeat that: we create that which we want through love and joy. When we don’t, others know when we are not authentic for the vibe we’re giving off tells a different story from the one we want them to believe. When we don’t create through love and joy, our body stops getting the nourishment it needs – as we feed our soul with negativity, more than likely we’re feeding our bodies with crap. And, lastly, when we don’t live in love and joy, our lines of communication start breaking down and we don’t feel like we’re firmly attached to the earth but, instead, going in circles without an anchor. By living our lives with an understanding of how our minds, bodies, and souls resonate or don’t resonate with all that we feed our five (or so) senses, we have the ability to energetically vibrate at a higher level causing our auras to radiate in joy and those energy strands to sing and call in all that we could ever desire.

There’s these devices that can be hooked up to any plant which then converts its vibration or energy into a perceivable sound for humans to hear. There’s almost an otherworldly quality to each individual plant. In one video I found, a GMO plant was compared with a regular, natural one. It appeared as if the GMO plant needed a reminder from the normal one as to how it should sound. Imagine the vibrational song that we emit when we are authentic in all that we say and do versus when we are following a path that doesn’t resonate with our inner beings. How do you think your soul song is being sung right now?

Something to Try:

Qigong. First thing in the morning. Seriously. I can’t tell you how much Qigong has done for me in the last 4 months since I found this video. She talks a lot so I end up keeping the sound off now but it will change your life. I have never been so centered and less reactionary to outside influences. Try it. Give it one month and see how you feel. If you’ve got the time, try kundalini yoga too, with it. This is my go-to video here, for that.

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