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“Don’t you ever feel afraid?” I was asked for the hundredth time in regards to my hiking alone. Sometimes I do the day hike, other times I’m gone for 3-4 days, and once I hiked for a month and a half. This past Fall, I went hiking in the Eagle Rock Loop of the Ouachita National Forest in Arkansas for only 3 days, 2 nights (only because it was a spur of the moment hike with no warning of the numerous river crossings and unmarked trail. Fun, but the feet were bruised and hurting.) Due to the lack of markings and lack of visibility for any trail entrance on the opposite side of the river, I ended up pairing up with another hiker the first day and joining two more the next. The people I have been blessed to cross paths with on any trail I have ever hiked are ones I honestly feel I could trust with my life. That is, 99% of them. Sometimes I share a campground with them, sometimes I camp utterly alone.

This question though led to a conversation with a friend that I paired with the idea of the Law of Attraction. Is it that we remain safe and protected as long as we maintain the idea and feeling of being safe and protected? As a simple tale, I was on another trail a few days later with one of my cousins. We came across a little garter snake, sunning itself who became quite pissed with being disturbed, so angry in fact that it got up on its haunches and started hissing. I was able to get around it on this narrow path without really being looked at, but my cousin who is terrified of snakes was getting the evil eye from this little guy. Garter snakes may bite but are not poisonous, yet I’ve never seen one this riled before. It seriously wanted to do some damage… to my cousin. It even went after her for a moment there (which, quite frankly, had me giggling a bit.) Did it ignore me because, as much as I didn’t wish to pick up an angry snake, I wasn’t fearful of it and did it focus on my cousin utterly because she was terrified? I’ve always had this kind of idea at the back of my head, pondering the implication of its possibility over the years. Do we, as the Law of Attraction would state, attract the negative situations we fear?

Within this conversation I had with my friend, I brought up this story of this one night I spent on the Appalachian Trail. I had made camp in the clearing in the middle of the woods. I didn’t particularly care for this area and felt slightly uneasy but it was beginning to get dark, so I pitched camp. I was utterly alone when I went to bed and when I woke up in the morning. However, in the middle of the night I was woken up by footfalls, obvious human footfalls. Humans have very distinctive footfalls compared to animals, and I had zero doubt this was human. When I fully woke up, went on high alert, the footfalls immediately stopped, and quickly retreated. I had disclosed this story to my friend because I had been saying I always feel protected. I wonder though, upon further introspection, am I protected because I am surrounded by spiritual beings or because I am AWAKE?

I was tempted to say just now “or was I just lucky?” but this situation causes me to put a pause on the pure luck factor. Those footfalls came within feet of my tent before I went on high alert and they retreated. Perhaps it was pure coincidence with the adrenaline rush to the stopped footfalls, but it reminds me of something I have previously written about that I called energy blocks. In those cases, I had a block of light, in a way, blinding me from something. In those instances, it felt like I was being blocked from view for my own protection. This felt similar, as if when I went on alert, a radiating light enveloped me warning off any who wished me ill.

I’ve been attempting to understand this concept I came across recently called the Zero Point Field. In quantum physics, the zero point is a field of fluctuating energy, specifically, vacuum fluctuations at zero degrees Kelvin or the lowest point of energy. It allows “distant objects in space” to be “instantaneously connected” [Tapping the Zero-Point Energy, Moray B. King]. On a less scientific basis, I understand it to be a point in which energy not only emanates from but can be harnessed. It is that point in which, if you understand how to tap into it, that line of energy from thought form to matter, is automatic and inevitable. When I think of this zero-point energy field in spiritual matters, I think of the Law of Attraction – when our mind, heart, and soul are all in alignment, it is when that which we most want will come into being. Though contrarily, like a cat, we almost have to pretend we don’t want it. Nikola Tesla discovered the Rotating Magnetic Field in which two alternating currents were out of step with each other. King [Tapping the Zero-Point Energy, Moray B. King] poses the question: if having opposing magnetic forces or pulses would create “stress on the fabric of space” that would then cause an ease of flow of current exchange within the zero-point field. There are times when what I want isn’t coming to fruition, so I feel as if I’m pretending to not care, when, in reality, I’m just letting it go… which always bring that which I want about. The more we want something, the less it appears to be within our grasp. But, the more we don’t want something, the more likely we are going to get it. So, the only thing left seemingly to do is have that desire for something, be grateful for anything and everything surrounding that idea, and then just let it go and forget about it. Oiy. That totally goes against everything we’ve been taught. But, like cats, they really want to be petted and loved but, by pretending to not want it, it makes us want to pet and love them more, eh? 

Quantum physicists are only beginning to see tidbits of validation to this theory in recent years. But, if we can apply this theory or idea in the spiritual sense, can you imagine the possibilities? By tapping into the zero-point field, we can create an energy of flow to make our ideas into things, technically without much, if any, effort.

So, in the Law of Attraction, we know our thoughts, emotions, souls, and even our words need to be in alignment. But, let’s go back to my question ‘what do I mean by “awake?”‘ By “awake” I refer to be to being in the present, ready for action, tensed in preparation for that action, alive with every cell in your body lit up. Have you ever felt like your body was singing, or zinging with energy? It’s living in the “NOW,” not worrying about the future or allowing the past to hinder or hurt us. When we are in the NOW, we step into that zero-point field and sing with that Source energy. If we are under the bonds of fear, we are dredging up the past conditioning. In the moment I woke up in that tent, it wasn’t what I would perceive of as fear, as I’ve never experienced the possibility of all the number of things movies tell us could have happened to me. It was instinct and/or intuition waking me as if an alarm system was going off. As another example, have you ever realized that those moments when we get into a traffic accident (or almost get into one) is when we were running on autopilot and not really paying attention? It’s never when we are on high alert, paying attention to all the little details, is it?

In quantum mechanics, the alcubierre (warp) drive states that the achievement of light speed can be had by contracting space (or dimensions) in the front while expanding the space (or dimensions) behind. By doing so, one would actually remain stationary while space would propel it at a faster-than-light speed. If applied to the Law of Attraction, being present in the NOW allows us to leave the past behind and propel us easily into the future. Further, a theory put out by Greek philosopher Zeno of Elea (circa mid-400BC) stated that motion was essentially imaginary. It is the Bugs Bunny versus the tortoise conundrum. If Bugs is faster than his opponent, how does the tortoise always win? According to Zeno it is due to the fact that the tortoise always starts first, which means Bugs is, in theory, having to always get to a halfway point between wherever he is and the tortoise is. In the hare vs. tortoise scenario, the turtle already has the finish line in his head whereas Bugs is only focused on beating his opponent.

Being fully present in the NOW with a clear intent of outcome and emotional clarity of that outcome is essential in creating the life we desire. But allowing ourselves to be carried through space and time to that clarity of manifestation is what trips us up. If motion is mere illusion, that would imply our actions, technically, mean nothing – that it is all in our minds as Rene Descartes stated in the 17th century (cogito, ergo sum: I think, therefor, I am.)

Leaving the past behind is perhaps the biggest of problems. The past includes all those habits of thought and belief systems that we have continued to employ towards the present, which continually creates a future that looks like the past. When we question every one of those belief systems that do not serve us nor resonate with our soul, imagine the acceleration we can have in manifesting all of our desires! When applied to the alcubierre theorem, it’s the thoughts that give us momentum not the actions. Consistently being AWAKE to our thoughts, particularly when they are antiquated and habitual while also maintaining a firmness of focus on the best outcome of the present, will provide us the vehicle for propulsion. I know I have the tendency to talk in riddles or long, drawn-out thoughts, but did you catch that?

Consistently being AWAKE means:

  1. constantly realigning and challenging our thoughts that were formed by societal pressure or tradition
  2. understanding which thoughts serve or don’t serve us (is it of a higher vibration or one that brings in fear?)
  3. Maintain a focus on only a positive result coming to you

So, as you reach for your next desire, will you choose to allow fear into the equation or will you choose a knowing of only a positive outcome occurring? Consistently challenge anything that doesn’t feel good, so that the past may be left behind and that faster momentum propelling you into a future of love and joy will occur.

Awesomeness to you!

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