Melanie Stevens

Covid Contusion

Out of curiosity, what’s your thoughts on this pandemic of fear?

I’ve been feeling this rise of fear or panic coming on gradually for awhile now and, in the last week, it became like a bullhorn. On a personal level, I am not the one with the fear, though I have found myself getting caught up in this. Kinda hard not to, isn’t it? I’ve been gearing up to hike the Appalachian Trail for the last 2 months and have this driving need to get out of town asap. Anyone else have this? On one hand, I feel like this is the visual start of the changes coming – the economical, educational, health, and governmental systems collapse. It’s rather fascinating to watch yet terrifying too – as I can also see the autocracy rule moving into place. On the other hand, this intense need to hightail it out of here feels more like I’m being called up – that I’m being set up on my path for whatever it is that I am meant to do in the coming years, and this fear and panic in our society is a part of that.

My logical brain is saying that when it comes to this virus, things just aren’t adding up, the virus just needs to run its course, and this fear was a deliberate creation. And, don’t get me wrong, I understand those that are in the senior citizen bracket or who have certain pre-existing conditions are at high risk. My parents are in this bracket. Friends of mine are in this group. But, pandemics have occurred within the last 100 years too in which those affected and those who died were in high numbers. Annually, according to the World Health Organization, 650,000 people die from respiratory diseases linked to the seasonal flu, yet we don’t freak out. So far, the higher percentage rate they have predicted doesn’t seem to be reaching numbers that will exceed the seasonal flu, unless it should become on par with the black plague. I don’t know. All I seem to understand or intuitively feel is an intense wave of purging beginning, and I’m not referring to the physical death, more like a mental, emotional, and spiritual one.

The year of the purge, 2020.

Soon, the Awakening?

So, where are you in all this?

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