The Breakdown

Melanie Stevens

Fascinating paradoxical socially-conditioned conundrums we are being exposed to now:
1. Learning to place self, or even society, above responsibility normally reserved for job/career.
2. Learning to accept kindness from others after having been conditioned into believing “handouts” prove your lack of value. (Maybe, it really does take a village…)
3. Learning that facts we are taught to memorize mean nothing when faced with the understanding that only the creative exploration of ideas and the sharing of resources, not only gets us through times of crisis, but expands futuristic thinking.
4. For those that are such extroverts, it sucks to find out you perhaps should have learned a long time ago how to ‘go within.’ And introverts, on the other hand, are finding they actually miss people. (Finding balance within can mean exploring the opposite of that which we think we are.)
5. Having for the first time (for many) the ability to actually do anything you ever wanted to do (within a socially-distancing format of course, such as learn new skills) and then going back to a restrictive setting is guaranteed to make us all rethink our possibilities.
6. Being forced to slow down, really does push you to take a good hard look at yourself. And, if still having to work when fearing for your financial security and health even more than usual, may just cause revolution within (old world society best revolutionize along with you.)
7. How we have viewed society and its set-up has not only changed but exposed itself to being restrictive, that, maybe, creativity will come back in style in all aspects of society.
8. The way we view the job situation and our very foundational structures (healthcare, gov., edu., econ.) – whether it’s the hierarchical construct, the restrictions and treatment of employees, or the operation thereof will be required to expand in understanding and format.
9. Having to learn that the historically perceived understanding of another’s value is in itself of no value. Who and what is of value in times of crisis is vastly different, isn’t it? Remember that shit when you judge another’s worth.
10. Our government is bound to die out in this (have you seen those press conferences?) which, if honest, rather intrigues me.
11. And, finally, your race does not matter. Your culture does not matter. Your religion does not matter. Your political stance does not matter. Your bullshit alignments based on separatism do not matter. Those things will not make you immune. What may matter though is how you have treated your “temple” (body), how you use your brain, if you can find your center, and the compassion and love you give and receive. Or, perhaps, pure luck. Either way, the world is forcing us to reexamine what’s important. This would be a good time to do just that.

Feel free to add anything I may have missed that your seeing from your perspective!

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