Melanie Stevens

The first time I heard of the morphogenetic field was through reading Moray B. King’s Tapping the Zero-Point Energy. I was drawn to quantum physics last Fall when my whole world started to become surreal with the first sighting of energy strands. Though his book is quite technical and specific to inventors and scientists, the comparisons he would make to the law of attraction fascinated me and had me devouring the, for all intents and purposes, foreign language of specs and scientific formulas. It was only 2 days ago that a similar phrase, morphogenetic studies, popped up in a completely unrelated topic – that of covid-19. As I like to do extreme research when it comes to anything that fascinates I had found a scholarly report on the biological specifics of the virus. To be quite honest, once I found that phrase, I got side-tracked. For, in my handbook of things to look out for, phrases I’ve never heard of before that start popping up with more frequency needs attention, for the Universe is trying to tell me something.

Morphogenesis (which I also came across, and important), defined:

  • morphe: shape
  • gen: that which produces; born of; of relation to
  • genesis: beginning

Essentially, the beginning of shape/form. The Book of Genesis tells of morphogenesis in a much more eloquent way:

In the beginning when God created the heavens and the earth

the earth was a formless void and darkness covered the face of the deep, while a wind from God swept over the face of the water.

Then, God said “Let there be light;” and there was light.

In other words, in the beginning there was a formless void but then God spoke words into being, to create form.

Morphogenetic, defined:

  • morphe: shape
  • gen: that which produces; born of; of relation to
  • genetics: field of biology; the study of hereditary traits of an organism and its relation to its group/category at large

Now, a morphogenetic field is a cell grouping that responds to localized biochemical signals for the development of specific structures, such as organs. Essentially they act according to local needs or wants but create and contribute to the greatness of the universal structure. Or, like my banner image at the beginning, ‘Heal the World. Cook dinner tonight.’

To clarify where it is I’m going with all of this, I decided to do a tarot card reading. This is the spread:

Melanie Stevens

Tarot Reading Summary:

Within the structure of that which is the self, this is unique time that is being given as a gift by the Universe. On one hand, it is a time of contemplation, a pause to allow for inner reflection and reassessment of all that we believe ourselves to be. On the other hand, it’s also not the time for withdrawing from the world. We have these outside influences that are pushing on us through fear, division, upheaval, and isolation. However, there is so much going on within that self-structure. (For clarification purposes, when I refer to the self-structure, this is meaning the localized unit in general, including the self, the family unit, the friend circle, and perhaps the community interactions such as coworkers.) This localized unit or self-structure is undergoing very fundamental changes currently. This is a time in which balance can be achieved, understanding of our worth can be realized, and connection to not only others but our higher selves can be firmly established. This is a time of centering within the self and releasing the ways of the world that have been firmly rooted. It is a purging of things that no longer serve us – ideas, societal structures, class systems, material desire for ownership, superficiality in all its guises. On the surface it appears to be an enforced withdrawing from the world and yet it will fully establish our connections through more authentic relations. As much as those outside influences are tightening up their control and power over, they did not count on the fact that due to the upheaval through fear that has been created, it’s creating this subterranean development of self-awareness. But it’s more than that. It’s an internal revolution that, unfortunately for the powers that be, cannot be stopped. It’s like a tsunami – we can see that the water is receding quickly from the banks but can’t yet see that wave forming to wipe away the old world. As we reflect on an individual level, we are uniting on a collective level. One of the external (ie. outside visuals or forces) cards I had drawn was the 4 of wands reversed. Upright, it would mean a collective celebration. To me, in the context in which it was laid out, I see it as a possible show of celebration following the lift of lockdown but more of a celebratory uniting on an internal level that may not be first perceived from the outside. This is the morphogenesis and we are a part of the morphogenetic field. The trappings and trash of the external diversions are being cleared away to make room for the collective breath and the formless void that will lead to the spoken word, bringing forth a new world. This is the unmanifested beginning. We are formulating our group/collective intuition – starting on the level of self, to the localized collective, to the universal. As we turn our attention more and more away from that which we don’t want and onto that which we do want (which is inevitable whether you are still working or in self-quarantine) we become of a greater value to not only those around us but to the world at large, and can truly become a part of the world soul collective. We will stop holding onto alignments with those groups that aren’t in alignment with our higher selves. It may not seem like that now, for currently there is much pushing from all sides, attempting to keep us in a holding place of chosen ignorance, non-thinking, and superficiality. That time has come to an end, and the day is dawning into a vastly different world. Do not fear, for fear has no place in the world, except as a means to control. Fear is what holds us in stagnation and blinds us to truth. This is chaotic beauty at its best. This is truly a time to bring joy in, raising our vibration for the healing and ascension of not only ourselves but the whole world. Seek only the manifestation of self-happiness, for it will bring in the joy of the collective. It is through the morphogenetic field that our happiness is taken up by others, first within the local, then spreading like wildfire through the collective. We don’t need to preach it, just be it.

Towards the end of the reading, an Eastern Mourning Dove demanded my attention at my door. Literally. It was banging awfully loud – sounded like it flew into the window a few times, but was merely sitting on a table when I came to the door. I find its significance not only of its totem meaning but its demand upon my attention to be well worth the notice for this reading. According to, “reality is shifting in ways you never thought possible.” Chaos happens before dreams are realized. It can “be heralding an end of a problematic cycle in your life, thereby announcing a time of new worlds opening up to you.” This is a time to surrender to the chaos, spread our wings, and allow the winds to take us.

This is the time to figure out who you truly are on the spiritual level.

Blessed be.

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