Creating Through Dreams

Melanie Stevens: The Creative Egg

It is said the beginning of a dream tells what the issue is. The middle explains how to resolve the issue, and the third part shows the outcome if you were to pursue this path. I once had a dream (1996) in which I wrote:

In a classroom, [we’re] sitting at our desks and some people were passing things out of theirs as we were to share everything. It was a very controlled atmosphere and it seems I was slightly scared or fearful of something bigger than I could comprehend – it was something about how the atmosphere was so controlled. I remember getting this card from Aadrik – it contained a card, some embroidery floss (brown and one other color,) and something else. I remember taking the brown floss and starting to hand it to the person in front of me (because I thought I HAD to give it away – I thought that was the rules) but someone told me (internally) that I could keep it. Surrounding us was some sort of market. It was dark, mysterious, and packed with people going to and fro. I remember the first booth – it was all just floss – beautiful greens, blues, and such wonderful turquoise colors. I felt a little comfort here surrounded by such beautiful colors. I wanted to block out all the noise and people, pressures, rules, and power, but I had to leave (perhaps go back to class) because I would’ve been in trouble.

Dreams always tell us the truth, even if we don’t understand them. If there ever was a time to break the rules and delve into the vibrancy of the blues, greens, and turquoises, this is the time. The classroom of learning the “rules” is over. It’s time now to start breaking them and forging our own path. Listen to your dreams, for they don’t allow you to not create and will give you subtle, as well as sometimes blatant, ideas, materials to work with, and final projects to be realized.

Any dream that needs sharing?

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