Rhythm of the Aura Body

Melanie Stevens: Rhythm of the Aura Body

Cicadas, if you take the time to listen to their song, have a very rhythmic calling – almost like breathing, in and out, in and out. Their sound resonates from within their corrugated exoskeleton or tymbal, a drumlike buckling and unbuckling of muscle contractions. In their night’s drumming circle, it is only when an outside influence intrudes upon their territory that the sound stops and must begin anew. Fireflies have a similar rhythmic pulsing particularly when in chosen alignment to other fireflies in the area. In truth, all of nature has this natural rhythm (including humans, think circadian rhythms.) Throughout history, the indigenous people have employed drumming to evoke a heartbeat type rhythm to help align the tribe to the Earth. Essentially, it is used as “a map or blueprint” particularly for shamanic rituals in guiding souls through the various stages of consciousness or spirit world, and back into their physical bodies. It is said by the indigenous that dis-ease or illness occurs “when missed beats cause the rhythmic unity of the body to falter” [Sacred Path Cards: “Drums,” Jamie Sams] Disunity occurs from the allowance of external events to dictate the body’s rhythm or disharmony. Disorganization in a system occurs due to a glitch in the rhythm of which outside disturbances create discord on its internal system. 

Every culture and religion on Earth speaks of cycles and it’s imperative nature upon the soul, mind, and body – for they are all inextricably linked. For example, the Chinese culture assigned this idea into what may be called “the aura body.” Essentially, we come into this world in five colors (with influences from the surrounding colors,)*** bringing with us different heart and brain activity, characteristics, and judgments of the world around us. When our individual rhythm is not honored, whether by others or our own selves, we can either become extremely focused on our individual self that we can no longer see or understand another or become alienated from our original rhythmic source. When off-rhythm with your own tuning and that of the Universe’s, it will show up in not only illness but lower density emotional energy that includes hate, fear, anger, guilt, and depression, and an incapability to hear others or see into their souls. A magnet has two sides, yes? One side we call positive and one side called negative. If we were to use the magnet as a metaphor of who we are, most of us would say positive, wouldn’t we? And, of course, we always find our “enemy” on the negative side, right? The thing with magnets though is the positive and negative merely mean that which attracts and that which repels. That which attracts is always in alignment with our soul or rhythm, and that which repels is merely an indicator of that which doesn’t align. But, sometimes, like a coin, it may come with fancy external casings to distract us from its truth. With the magnets on your fridge, the positive side will be anchored to the fridge and it is the negative side that will have the pretty butterfly or funny words that get to you each time. Both sides of the magnet have power in them and in able for two magnets to come together it is through having one positive side face the negative of the other. Where there is positive, there usually is negative – just depends on your viewpoint which one you see. It is the core of the magnet that should be the reminder that we all come from the same source. Sometimes, the negative must always have a positive, just as the positive must always have a negative. It is through realigning with our own individual rhythm that we may come to the zero-point between positive and negative and find where we truly exist – at the center.

Our ability to sense the energy from outside of us acts like a magnetic net that, if not properly cycled or rejected, metabolizes into the body creating dis-ease. Developing the ability to deter the external stimuli would prove beneficial – ways such as acupressure, energy work, qigong, practicing good nutrition, tapping on your K-27 points (*noted below*), and consistently realigning your thoughts towards more positive ones. A thinking person, who remains aware that s/he is energy, is valuable in this world. Everything and everyone is energy, creating more energy. Actions are energy. Emotions are energy. Words are energy. Thoughts are energy. What we CHOOSE in each moment of consciousness or how we react to external stimuli decides our path. Every moment controls the path we take – whether that is positive or negative is up to you to choose.

**K-27 Points [Energy Medicine, by Donna Eden]: 

  1. Find the bumps at the end of the collar bone (under the neck), slide fingers down about an inch to an inch and a half and then slightly outward (about same distance) – this placement is the K-27’s. (For help in finding them, see this video.)
  2. Once you have found these points, cross your hands using the middle finger of each to rest on the opposite point.
  3. While tapping, breath in through the nose and out through the mouth.
  4. After step 3, hook one middle finger in the navel and rest fingers of other hand on K-27 points. Pull upward on the navel for 2-3 deep breaths.

This technique raises the energy levels when tired, confused, or the brain just isn’t functioning at its peak.  Essentially, it’s a wake up call.

***The section on “The Aura Body” was channeled and corrected from the classic understanding of what’s otherwise known as the “5 Elements” or “5 Seasons.”

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