Melanie Stevens: Unearthing the Sacred


I’ve been receiving a lot of messages lately about an interruption of energies. The latest came from a Mother Mary (whom I really never thought I’d get to experience to be honest.) She’s only come into my awareness twice now and yet her energy is quite distinctive from others. It is powerful, energetic, and loving. The first time she came to me, I could see the air around me crackling, like a swirl of tiny insects and lightening sparks all around. To be honest, it was the coolest thing. She is the latest one bringing me a message, this one specifically to those who are knowingly raising their vibrations for the coming storm. The image above are Hebrew pictographs. We started in English but she wanted to use her own language, it appears, and began spelling out sounds, I think. Since I was understanding, I suggested Hebrew, to which she chose (via the internet) this pictograph imagery. As the “alphabet” was incomplete, she had to make do with the limitation and we had to periodically come up with better word choices. The following is how the message turned out:

“Covenant toward path open to abundance manifestation offering mastery through heart/emotional allowance. Ego is cut off needing guidance through the emotional distractions. Life expression force is behind the destructive ending of the powerful force of the physical existence of Earthly living. Behold, Volunteers/Light Workers, the work of your mission towards the stability of the magnetic vibration is blocked. Surround others with support through deeds. Open higher vibrational experience through desire of joy, opening experiences, and the emotional first. And, the life path experience will control separation, chaos, destruction. Behold, life reception toward awakening on the horizon.”

To better understand the message, the first guide speaking of this interruption spoke of “vibrational light quartz electrical,” specifically in regards to crystals being removed from the Earth that are disrupting the energetic systems, including our own energy as well as that of the internet. They pinpointed the problem to a fairly newly discovered crystal cave in Spain called the Giant Geode of Pulpi (if not understanding why the crystals are important, begin here, here, and here.) They inform me that it will shut down the internet – currently it’s causing slight problems such as a slowed connection, perhaps even sporadic moments of no signal at all. As to when the complete shut down will occur and how long it will last, all I am made to understand is ‘soon’ and maybe a year. Getting exact timing from the spirit realm is never really going to happen. They sense energy and right now that energy is very high with the disruption that is occurring.

Many of you may have noticed the internet lagging or cellphone service becoming a bit more difficult. More importantly you may have noticed a change in emotional energy with those around you. I haven’t noticed, to be quite honest, but I have noticed it within myself. Up until a few days ago, my energy was holding steady at a nice high vibration and now I ‘m struggling to maintain a healthy one. Ground yourselves. This is imperative right now. Bring in higher vibrations by changing your thoughts, through qigong, bouncing (gets the body energized), kundalini yoga, meditation, ritual for focusing, making Sacred Space outside for meditational purposes, being creative in any endeavor that you love, and those K-27 points mentioned in the last post. Below are two other things that are advisable and that I have found extremely helpful:

  1. Cleaning the Chakras (from Donna Eden‘s Energy Medicine, again): (She suggests having another person do this to you but I do it on my own.) Lie on your back. With my left hand I circle counter-clockwise over each chakra beginning with the root chakra. Because I am now currently sensitive to the energies, my hand will come to a point where it feels like the winding has gotten tight and I have to stop. It takes awhile, Eden suggests about three minutes. Shake off the hand when you are done. With the right hand, I circle over that same chakra but in a clockwise direction. This movement will only be about half the time. Shake off the hand when you are done. Move upwards to the next chakra, and continue the process to the crown chakra. Women will continue with the crown chakra as before, but the men will reverse the order – just for this chakra. If you’re not familiar with chakras and where they lie, this will get you started here.)
  2. Crystals – I was never a believer in the power of crystals or gemstones until recently. Get 6 crystals to begin (you may want more when your sensitivities or intuition increases.) Lie on your back. Place one crystal on each of the indentations where your foot and ankle meet (see chart below.) One crystal will lie 2 inches above the belly button. One in the middle of the breast bone on your heart chakra. And, one each on both of your palms. For me, my guides will flip my hands over when the crystals have done their work; follow your intuition or give it a good 20 minutes or so, particularly the first time. The first time I did this, my body started buzzing as if an electrical current had been turned on. My heart even started palpitated as if it were righting its rhythm.

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