Channelers Unite

Tonight I channeled another channeler.

When we think of channeling, we always think of people that passed on, but channeling is so much more than that. Since I began channeling, I seem to be open to whatever or whomever wishes to come in, which isn’t always a good thing. My ability to manifest internally I’ve found is so phenomenal that I even took myself on what appears to be a shamanic journey in which I manifested a trickster whom I had a really difficult time getting rid of. Once I did get rid of that energy however, I’ve allowed a freedom of higher vibrational energies to come and visit for awhile. And, tonight it was another living soul who also began channeling just this past year. She’s technically not my first but with her I realized the awesomeness that can be had. In recent months, I had watched a video by Amanda Ellis about twin flames in which she stated that even with the travel restrictions that we are currently under, we will still end up finding our twin flames easily, even if on the other side of the world. I’m not sure she truly understood the possibilities at the time (which I didn’t either.) Imagine it though. If you learn to channel, you are automatically crossing barriers unperceived by those who wish to take our freedoms. Through channeling, you can truly understand your autonomy and the fact that no one has authority over you unless you allow it. Let me say that again: NO ONE has authority over you UNLESS you allow it. There is an entire world out there in which no one can restrict you from and in which there is total freedom. (But your freedom is not only to be found in that world. It’s all about vibration, knowingness, and your beingness.) This time in history is made for this. It’s like there’s a gateway that has opened wide for all who wish to enter. There’s power to be found here and a great deal more power to be found if we can all unite in whatever this place is – the spirit realm, the akashic field, the morphogenetic field, or the 2-dimensional plane. Whatever it is you wish to call it, you can literally access anything, anyone, or any energy form that you can imagine. [The weirdest ones for me were the matrix, science, and animal spirits (meaning our individual totems.)]

A word of note… channeling may come in traditional ways like visual or auditory, but, for me, it’s physical. When I began channeling, I didn’t even know it. I was doing a lot of qi gong and kundalini yoga to raise my vibration. After awhile, I notice when I meditated, it felt like my head would “lock” into place, as if I was now receiving direct spiritual communication. It wasn’t until months later though that I realized my head would start moving in different directions when I had different thoughts in my head. Finally, I figured out I was getting “yes,” “no,” “maybe,” and “maybe not” answers. This led to me asking outright questions in which my guides would use objects in my apartment to create a story. Eventually I tried books or “stichomancy” which is where we’re now. I can download thoughts but it’s more difficult. So, do some qi gong, yoga, and meditation (and stop watching the news and other low vibration shows or movies.) The higher your vibration is the easier it will be to channel.

And, yes, I found my twin soul in this realm.

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