American National vs. US Citizen

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Did you know that there’s a difference between being an US citizen and an American National? Or that you have less rights as a citizen and person under the law? I didn’t know either. So, let me tell you a story…

The last few years, I was employed at a company that had illegal shadiness going on. I became extremely good at researching the employment law, as well as using the company’s employee handbook against the owner. Even when a new technology feature that was being pushed on its employees to download onto our phones, I researched the laws, refused to sign their contract in regards to this, refused to download the app onto my personal phone, and validated that the contract itself would violate federal and state laws specifically due to the inconsistent wording used throughout the illegal document thereby effectively taking away any rights I had on privacy were I to sign it. In the last few months, I was made aware of how other people were fighting laws and winning through means that I, and every other being in this country, have NEVER been made to understand. The first was a video of someone (I believe from another country) using the Magna Carta in defense (seriously, how many of us know much, if anything, about the Magna Carta? I had, maybe, a 20 minute lecture.) The second, was a video of a man who kept saying he was a “Natural Man” and was not subject to the jurisdiction of the court. I was fascinated.

This morning I went walking mulling over the taxation issue we have in this country. One thing that came into my awareness this year was that the enforcement of filing our taxes is NOT an actual law. In fact, taxation on wages is illegal (still looking into that one – only taxation on profit is legal.) So, my question was: how can a non-legalized scheme be enforced as if it were legal? I realized there must be preceding laws invalidating a legalized status. Under certain rulings concerning religion, there could be some cause for concern (see here.) Secondly, taxation could be considered like dues to a union which would violate our right to say no (see here.) Or, more importantly, the US government could be seen as a corporation in which, technically, a monopoly is then in place (see here.) There was also a question of how government is defined, though it also turns out to be how everything is defined by law. The thing about all of this is wording. Every legal document has holes because of the terminology used and the words as defined by law.

This rumination led to a phone call to one of my good friends. I was excited and I wanted to share my thoughts. I knew I was onto something even if I hadn’t quite figured it out yet. This conversation had him calling up another friend of his to explain to me the difference between American National and US Citizen, as defined by law. So, we are automatically convinced of our citizenship to the United States through every little thing we do – driver’s license, social security card, birth certificate, the filing of taxes, the documentation that we are required to fill out for employment, etc. We buy into the system without understanding that we not only don’t have to but without understanding our rights as a citizen versus as an American National, or even more importantly as a human. Documentation within federal guidelines states that we will have guaranteed rights as a citizen. What it does not state is you have every right as an American National or natural human (barring harming someone or their property or signing legally binding contracts that you violate.) As a citizen or person of the US, you are subject to an authority over you. When we go to court for some violation of federal or state codes (not law!) they automatically skip the part that asks if you are an US citizen. As a citizen or “person” (defined as “corporations and associations existing under or authorized by the laws of either the United States, the laws of any of the Territories, the laws of any State, or the laws of any foreign country”) you are subject to the jurisdiction of the courts. As a National, you are not. The problem comes in that we have been deceived in our understanding of the law, as well as definitions of terminology under the law that we have given away our rights by, essentially, signing continual contracts with the US government. Currently, I’m in the process to understand how to get myself out of that system and declare my sovereignty. And, that’s the thing – as spiritual beings we are our own sovereign.

Want to learn more? Follow these links:

Why a National?

Learn the law here:

Black’s Law 4th Edition (You may be able to find a free pdf file online.)

And, please repost this, or rewrite it your own words. Just get the message out there! But read, read, read. You must know the law to navigate it. and, you must invalidate your citizenship first before you declare yourself a sovereign being who is not subject to an external authority.

A word of note:

In the middle of writing this, I realized I was channeling something that kept getting heavier physically on me that I finally had to ask who it was. The words it used to describe itself was “societal structure.” The physical sensation I had consisted of extreme pressure on my eyes, slightly less on the temples and 3rd eye, and slight pressure around my throat. The entity gave approval to the metaphorical pressure upon the society as a whole – mental (temples), intuition (3rd eye), self-expression (throat chakra), and the vision or being able to see clearly. Following this entity was a series of others that I declined to channel as the physical pressure was still intense. It appears everyone wanted to have a say about this post.

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