Weaving a New Sunshine

Unearthing the Sacred: Weaving a New Sunshine

Evolution of the mind/body/heart complex is about finding alignment. But, what is alignment? To begin, let’s say the soul is your foundation point of which the rest of you radiates. The soul stands within what’s called the zero-point, a place of existence where silence can be found. It is the God-factor of universal love. The soul only knows love and hence it is only love. From that zero-point comes the existence of a plan or blueprint, coding of the soul’s existence within the physical plane such as major learning events to experience, along with special gifts and abilities (which we all have.) Upon entering this physical world, you begin your life from a standpoint of pure love, joy, and light. But, then life happens. You watch others to understand what is expected of you. You hear the words that others tell you about the evils of the world or even about the evils of your own self. You feel the pain, sometimes physically but usually emotionally, of loneliness, despair, anger, and grief. Those experiences you wrap up into a tiny compacted ball of hurt and push it deep down into the bottom of your heart and exclaim how life is unfair and relive your hurts over and over until, hopefully, a “one day” comes and makes you sit up.

This is the moment you begin to weave a new sunshine into your life. For, when you no longer know what the purity of divine love is, you know not who you are. Through the influx of emotions, you have allowed others control over you, instead of finding the truth within. For the only truth that your soul has for you is love, only love, nothing more. Imagine rediscovering that zero-point of divine love that is the soul and finding yourself on a journey that is magical and enchanted, filled with a richness that you never could have even contemplated before. The closer you are to the love baseline of your soul, the more open to the creative expansion that can be had.

Creative expansion is about allowing new information to come into your awareness, doing and creating new things, having no judgement – for what others bring to you or for your own self, and being open to the consciousness of that which is the akashic field or two-dimensional plane. Within this plane of existence is found inspiration, creativity, and wisdom. Through your interaction with this dimension, you learn that what you have been taught in society doesn’t come close to the truth of what can be. The Universal Law of Abundance (or Attraction) alone defies your belief of having to work for… well, anything. If you were to mull over the entirety of your life and remember all the things that came into your life, how much of it did you really have to work for? Those things we have a tendency to work hard for or fight for, happen to be the hardest to obtain, don’t they? When you begin the slow progress of changing your convoluted belief systems that really just don’t serve you, the ego will begin its own fight for victory. It is a reminder that the ego (or trickster, negator, goblin) only knows habit and negativity. It will tell you not only all the harsh, horrible things you’ve already told yourself throughout your lifetime but will dredge up all the negative words and scenarios from anything you’ve digested into your thoughts – from the TV, movies, and books. The thing to remember though is that the truth of who you are is revealed only within your soul and, remember, the soul only knows love. Finding where the love resides, is what weaving the sunshine is all about. Most of you will say with conviction that you love yourself. But, the truth is, the further along you go on this spiritual journey, the clearer you’ll understand how little you may have actually loved yourself. Being in the zero-point of love requires the objectivity of non-judgment. How many opinions about the world or yourself do you hold? Love is an experience, a knowingness, not a mantra or conviction.

My journey has become filled with enchantment the closer I am to my zero-point and I find that where I was in mind/body/heart only a year ago is vastly different from where I am now. I invite you to come on this journey with me, into the mystical unknown and see what we may discover! Please let me know in the comments below a little snippet of your own journey into the enchantment of the unknown. Where on your journey are you at the moment and where do you hope to be?

Unearthing the Sacred: Melanie Stevens

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