In the 90’s, I couldn’t devour enough books on anything esoteric, mainly because it was difficult to find many. At that time, anything connected with the concept of spirit world was particularly frowned upon as something ridiculous and unbelievable, even by those that followed a religion that claimed miracles and resurrections. I never understood this, but, then again, we live in this world that believes only that which can be seen, heard, and physically touched as valid, all the while contradicted by lofty thoughts of a God in the sky. As to sight, I only catch glimpses into the spirit realm. Auditorily, I have heard things said by unseen beings but only on the cusp of a dream. Physically though, this is something I am quite familiar with. Normally when you think of someone who channels spirits, you, like me, probably imagine them to see or hear energies. I’m not one of those. I either physical feel them or receive what I like to call “downloads.”

It wasn’t until recently, in the past year, that I even knew that I could channel. Looking back, however, I realize that I’ve been able to do it for a very long time. The earliest that I can remember, at the moment, of having channeled was in my early 20’s. I remember sitting on the couch, reading a book, and feeling the presence of someone’s hand on my knee and then poking. I told it to go away and hadn’t really thought much about it over the years. (Seriously, what was I thinking at the time??!) A few years ago, there was a guy I had been briefly seeing whom I seemed to have a weird soul connection with that I can’t fully explain. I would have this feeling come over me that I can only describe as joyful euphoria like this serenity just washed over me. It wasn’t until recently that I realized that feeling is what I get when I channel higher vibrational spirits. At the end of 2019, after months of doing a routine of qigong and kundalini yoga, I would sit in meditation with a strange sensation that I can only describe as having my head “lock” into place, as if this position firmly established a direct communication line to the spirit realm. A few months later, as my thoughts would wander in meditation, my head began moving without conscious direction from myself. Finding my head to go one way only in a yes/no question began the adventure. Head nods forwards/backwards for yes and from side to side meaning no, quickly was built upon with counter-clockwise circling indicating maybe yes and clockwise as a maybe no. Eventually my head and eyes were directed to items or pictures around the room and a new symbolic language was started. After experimenting with this head thing, I decided to try the rest of the body and found during some of the slower qigong movements that my arms would be directed to do different gestures than I was supposed to be doing at the time. This helped cement the current level of channeling I do which is using books to access messages. When I am willing to channel, I will ask the spirit which book or books will best convey their message by allowing use of my arm to indicate. As I sit and open the book to a random page, my right hand with index finger pointed will begin circling and then eventually move to find the correct page to begin. As my finger flows around the pages, I feel a magnetic pulling over different words, some of which may be similar to the specific word being sought, until finally landing or hovering over the correct one. The key word here is magnetic. Energy is magnetic and when frequencies agree, there is a bonding. This is how channeling works. A magnetic bonding is being created to symbols, words, visuals, thoughts, or emotions. When you become more in tune with yourself, you learn to become sensitive to that magnetic pulling of energy. You all have this ability innate within.

To gain access to this ability, I think, is in part dependent on how you specifically will channel but, more importantly, getting your energy into alignment. As an empath, I spent my life at the whim of other’s emotions. Confused why I could go from happy to depressed to anger in seconds, it took me years to figure out how most of the emotions I experienced were not mine. I tried so many different things, yet nothing helped to get my emotions under control. My qigong and kundalini yoga routine is what did it for me, but it will vary with everyone. The reason though that these two or, maybe just one, may help to get you into more alignment is that they’re both about breath work and aligning the energy within the body. Finding the energy alignment allows for more focus and clearer thinking. I once heard of a lady that would twirl in a circle 33(?) times which was her way of aligning. In fact, when I’m doing my gratitudes for the day, to get my body caught up with the feeling aspect of the gratitudes, I jump – quick jumps and then a shaking of the legs (kinda like twirking) that brings vibration up from my feet to the top of my body as I raise my hands to the sky. It’s weird I know, but my body becomes fully in alignment to the emotional and thought frequency that I’m otherwise experiencing. Mind/body/heart connect.

One other thing about channeling that I don’t think gets discussed much is objectivity. I learned quickly that when I have a desired answer for any question I ask, it can, and probably will, be mirrored back to me, particularly if I am dealing with lower vibrational beings that do not serve love. If you don’t know, ask if they serve love. This seems to be the one question they can’t answer with a lie. Being in a place of love while channeling is imperative as it allows you complete non-judgement and clear answers free of your own personal persuasion.

Let me know if you have had similar or other intuitive experiences. I’d love to hear about them!

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