Mission Statement


Sometime in my twenties, I wrote a mission statement. I found it. Surprisingly I still like it and do my best to adhere to it, though I’d strike commandment #6, mainly due to the word “ought.” That one’s right up there with “should.” Follow the desires that align to your heart/mind/body/soul complex and you need not worry about the oughts. Do you have a mission statement? What would yours looks like?

Mission Statement

I am committed to fulfilling my creative potential. By utilizing my core beliefs and values I shall endeavor to live a spiritual life that inspires and transforms. The core beliefs and values are: freedom, honesty, faith, love, creativity, spiritual growth, discipline, generosity, gratitude, happiness, health, silence, ritual.

My purpose:

  1. Survival – to provide the basic needs for my physical survival by making money, having healthy food to eat, having a comfortable home in which to live, and a car as needed.
  2. Relationship – to develop and enrich existing friendships, to form more supportive and loving friendships, to create and develop a soulful relationship with another in which love, truth, spirituality, giving, fun, loyalty, and growth are stressed.
  3. Self-esteem – to develop a creative venue that applies my natural artistic talent and to turn that into a lucrative self-sustaining business, to always give love to myself in the hardest of times, to honor my emotions and release them, to pray, to do things that I have a spiritual need to do (ie. travel, art, read, enjoy nature), and to ignore the naysayers.
  4. Transformation – to release my fears of self-consciousness, abandonment, conformity, aloneness, of public spaces, of new things.
  5. Internal cohesion – to always be true to myself by following my intuition, to follow the course that only I and Source set out, to always approach life with a sense of wonderment.
  6. Make a difference – to use my art to inspire others, give unto others as I can when I can, to always go above and beyond all I do, to be filled with love and peace and inspiration, to let others know they are loved.
  7. Service – to give love, be generous, and help the spiritual growth of others by utilizing my skills and expertise


  1. Always be true to myself
  2. Lighten up
  3. Do everything in love
  4. Be honest always
  5. Be fair
  6. Do what ought to be done
  7. Follow my intuition
  8. Surround myself only with positivity and joy
  9. Create
  10. Always strive to be and do better
  11. Pray
  12. Be kind to everyone
  13. Give gratitude
  14. Stay the course
  15. Pay attention to the bigger picture
  16. Find the adventure
  17. Forgive
  18. Seek peace
  19. Stay healthy
  20. Do something for someone everyday

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