I’ve had different understandings of what the subconscious is over the years. Originally I thought of it as those thoughts and ideas that lay buried within us that motivate us, causing emotional responses or actions from us. When I became knowledgeable of Dolores Cannon’s work in Quantum Healing Hypnosis Therapy, the idea of the subconscious became more equated with the Divine Self of the I AM. The first known use of the word was by the English essayist Thomas de Quincey. In his use of the word, it is argued by Markus Iseli that current usage has it confused with the definition we have today of the unconscious. Iseli claims de Quincey uses the word in such a format that indicates “implicit thought, automaticity, implicit perception and implicit motivation” (Source). What this entails then is thought, action, or reaction is based upon a developed, habitual, and, therefor, known responses of how things are supposed to operate. It doesn’t matter if it’s true or not, only if it’s the standard practice, the standard response, the standard thinking process. It’s why we never change, only become more ingrained into our idea of how the world operates. To change means to become conscious.

To become conscious at least opens the gateway to understanding that our subconscious has been ruling the roost and is merely a habitual mechanism to keep us “safe” from any notions of threat. Threat isn’t merely perceived as a ‘fight or flight’ scenario which would be more in the realm of the unconscious. No, threat here would imply anything that is outside the norm. When we finally become consciously aware, choose to change, and begin implementing that change, the subconscious begins an assault against this new threat. It’s why so few people, when making those New Years’ resolutions, will rarely stick to them. It rather defines our logic in our world; logic being that which makes sense according to what we know (See Logic Part Deux.) Should the subconscious perceive a threat in the form of an anomaly, it’s as if a lockdown has been implemented. An enforcement of repetitive thoughts and desires will assault the mind demanding it “rights” itself.

Did you ever think about the fact that the subconscious can hear you? We usually only give validation of existence to things we can see, but literally everything is energy, including ideas and thoughts. So, if the subconscious is merely an idea or concept, it still is energy. Learn to treat it as if it has value by talking to it about your plans. I actually did this and you know what happened? I started smiling and laughing. I felt light and free. It was the strangest sensation. I do mantras all the time to retrain my subconscious and I was still doing this when I began consciously talking to the subconscious BUT I told it of my plans and why we were doing this. I told it that everything we knew before were lies – that which others had told me and that I was now in the process of learning faith in myself. And, I told it what was the truth and why it was the truth and what we’re going to do with that truth. I was overwhelmed with the feeling of expansiveness. I mean, at first, there was much fear, but the more I talked about its fear and why we need not fear, the more the smiles and the tears of joy came.

Here’s the truth about the subconscious and perhaps why its definition has varied throughout the last two centuries. The subconscious is reflective of the limitation or expansiveness of our thoughts, feelings, and five senses. If we have had a limitation of thoughts, feelings, and/or actions that have created boundaries of existence, the subconscious continues that reiteration of fear and limitation. It mirrors those ideas that it becomes inundated with overtime. The prevailing thoughts become the habit, or logic. If, on the other hand, we are always challenging ourselves, learning new things, seeking out adventure, the subconscious will expand and become more freedom conscious energy. The subconscious, as much as it may be limited by those thoughts, feelings, and actions, really doesn’t like the subjugation created by limitation. Everything in the universe likes freedom, even that which we call mere concepts or ideas. The universe is always about expansiveness and abundance and freedom, and that is meant to be reflected in every minuscule component within its creation.

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