Sweaty yet?

Unearthing the Sacred: Melanie Stevens

So, I have a theory.

For those of us who may be aware of many of the things that have gotten censored on FB and Instagram in recent months in regards to our vaxxed status, some of those significant topics are detrimental to our health. One of those topics has revolved around the menstrual cycle. Now, wait guys! I won’t stay on this topic for long but it’s part of the theory, so please hear me out. Back in late February or early March, a doctor (I don’t remember who) had asked the question of women – have menstrual cycles changed since receiving the vax came out? (After 10’s of 1,000’s of responses, Instagram took her post down. Thousands of non-vaxxed women also responded with similar stories) I won’t go into my own story or those stories I’ve read for any men reading this but I will note a few items:

  1. Early menopause began for many women in the Fall of 2020, many in their early 40’s. (This has not been looked into by doctors that I’m aware of, I’ve just been noting it as I come across women’s responses.)
  2. Menstrual cycles of tens of thousands of women became erratic in one form or another beginning February 2021.
  3. In some cases, women who have been menopausal for years have become pregnant (one I know of in her early 60’s – menopausal for 15 years & husband with vasectomy).

Ok, guys, I’m done with the menstrual talk. Now, on to my theory…

I had been taken out to dinner a few weeks back (mid-December 2021). It wasn’t until we were walking through the restaurant to leave that I realized something really significant. I could not smell food. No, I didn’t have covid. No, actually I could smell, but I was smelling body odor. An entire dining room full of body odor. Besides the oddity of not smelling food in a restaurant, why is this significant? Because I overheard months ago a conversation between my nieces about how one of them was needing to switch deodorant for theirs didn’t seem to be working. I remember thinking at the time that I too was having that same problem. No matter what I did, I reeked. A bit embarrassing to say that out loud perhaps, but, I keep hearing the same from others. They too are having problems.

Initially, when I began developing this idea, I was reminded of something I read that aligned mental and emotional matters with physical issues. It stated (or I thought I remembered it stating) that extreme body odor was a sign of silent rebellion. Now, in a sense this makes sense. I’m in a highly conservative area so, mandates don’t sit well with the people here. However, if I were to link it with the menstrual cycle issues, then we have something completely different.

What’s the commonality here? They’re hormonal issues, right? Hormones comprise our physiological and behavioral messaging system in order to regulate the body and our responses to our internal and external environment. From the Greek ὁρμῶν, it means to set in motion. That translation I find fascinating because when it comes down to it, hormones manage our most primal physical functions: birth (life), sex (attraction), and survival (fear or the fight/flight response). If I’m right, our over-acting hormones are screaming loud and clear that our future security is in jeopardy in so many ways. Our bodies are indicators of what’s going on in our mind, heart, and spirit, whether we realize this or not and they are on high alert right now. They are set in motion for a coming response. Prepare yourselves, people. If you thought 2020 & 2021 were rough, I think 2022 is going to be much more interesting. Our bodies are preparing for a fight. You might want to prepare yourselves mentally and emotionally too.

Please let me know in the comments below if you too have been noticing any of this! I’d really love to hear your story.

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