Recognizing Myth

Unearthing the Sacred: Melanie Stevens

An excerpt from Unearthing the Sacred: proposed hypothesis for the ascendancy of the human species from a perspective of the i

Carl Jung, Joseph Campbell, Robert Graves, and Sir James Frazer (just to name a mere handful) understood that our world Becomes through a mythological tapestry of woven threads, layered to perfection. We perform roles according to an archetypal law that weaves a storyline as old as time. By acting out these archetypes through various scenarios, environments, and mutable characters, we not only develop as individual souls and help the collective development as well but we expand the creative capacity of God. Within these scenarios, a symbolic language exists that intellectually we have only begun to grasp. There breathes a universal language substratum that speaks directly to the Soul. Indirectly, it may upload as thought and unearth into consciousness, albeit in a serpentine and, perhaps, perplexing manner. Myth only comes in riddles, symbols, and vocalized alchemical codes. Through mythology, door openings appear for initiates to enter and participate in the promised covenant made between man and God. Interpretation lies purely in the hands of the individual. Though this eventually helps to expand collective awareness, the individual must be open to direct communication with God for heart truth revelations without collective input.

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