Animal Totems

The first time I heard of Animal Totems (not specifying carved images on a totem pole) was when I first found Ted Andrews’ Animal Speak which happens to be one of maybe five books that I’ve had in my constant possession since my teens. We each come built with our very own animal spirit and when we not only know what that animal is, we can also align within the mind/body/heart complex more easily. For years, I would have dreams of white cats, which eventually turned into a tigers, so, I believed my animal spirit was some sort of cat. Turns out, I’m a lizard. Specifically, I’m a Changeable Lizard, a being that requires loads of sun and loves fruit – two things I’ve never been that great at. It makes a huge difference in how I function in life now. I’m more conscious now of taking care of my body by honoring my animal spirit’s needs. A friend of mine wanted to know hers too. I spent 20 minutes with her spirit guide figuring out the name of her animal spirit which I was informed was no longer in existence. Turns out it was from the family of mockingbirds. We spent another 40 minutes getting it’s qualities and I’m quite sure her spirit guide would’ve kept going.

Perhaps you are a rarity too. Wouldn’t you like to know? I will be as specific as I can with not only traits of your totem but, if needed, the things you need to pay attention to in honoring it.

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