Dementia & fear mentality

Unearthing the Sacred: Melanie Stevens

Dementia has been ever-increasing in the population within the last decade and even affecting younger adults, as young as in their twenties. It is a list of symptoms that characterize the more well-known Alzheimer’s but also other diseases such as Lewy Body and Vascular Dementia. One of the most prevalent symptoms is that of repetitive speech and actions. As a former CNA, I began my nursing home career specifically in the Dementia Unit. There was one elderly lady in particular who was affected by what is called sundowner syndrome, meaning when the sun went down, her repetitive symptoms kicked in. At around 8pm every night, she would begin fretting over whether or not she had enough beds for all her unwanted guests and where her husband could possibly be at this time of night. There is speculation (which more than likely has much truth in it ) that over-medication may be the main cause of the sundowning. The repetitiveness however is guaranteed. Through channeling, I’ve come to notice that the ego or lower vibrational beings work through repetition. See, the subconscious mind only understands repetitiveness. As there is no self-awareness in the subconscious mind, repetition allows it to function in a seemingly logical manner. In a sense, it’s fighting for dominance. What do most of you have on repeat anyway? Usually the negative stuff, right? Fear-based mentality becomes, through repetition. Positive outlooks also work on repetition of the subconscious mind but, unlike fear-based mentality, there is less of a need in the requirement to have the same thoughts, mantras, or actions. Fear-based mentality ends up causing repetition to become about control, limitation, and imprisonment, while positivity allows for freedom. Even when the external stimulus ceases to exist, the repetitiveness continues. This is called preservation. Many, if not most, of you spend the entirety of your lives in preservation. Whether it’s through your own conscious fault or through the bombardment of external sources, you continuously assault your subconscious mind with negative thoughts which you then play out through your actions and words, reinforcing the validity of those thoughts. So, technically, whether or not there may be external factors or antecedents (such as genetics), you are essentially setting your own selves up to developing dementia symptoms. As it is said, you are your own worst enemy. When you refuse to become not only consciously aware of your innermost thoughts and your externalization of those thoughts through your words and actions, but also take control of those thoughts, you allow the subconscious to gain control, eventually attaching the diagnoses of a dementia-symptomatic disease to your identity.

Imagine, for one moment, the damage that is being created every moment of every day within you from just the external sources that you subject yourself to – media, coworkers, family, customers, the symbolism of masks, magazines depicting air-brushed “perfection.” Now, pay attention to what your thoughts are versus your external words and actions.

A few year ago, I began paying more attention to this by taking control back. I’m still in the taking back control uphill struggle. There’s months I can go with little of that struggle and then something may cause me to lose that focus and allow the ugly beast to roar. Those repetitions are always ugly too – completely based in judgment and fear. Recently, I’ve taken to calling them out – “Repetition!” – and my thoughts will then be momentarily diverted. The sneaky little bastards though have learned to change the thought ever so slightly that, like political campaigns that claim “change,” they appear on the surface to be different when in reality the tune is still ninety-nine bottles of beer on the wall… Train you conscious self to perk up when there’s repetition ANYWHERE. Where there’s repetition, there’s subconscious control – even if it’s you doing the controlling. The question is who’s doing the controlling and are you consciously aware of it?

Let me know in the comments below if there’s anything you’d like to add or disagree with. I’d love to know your thoughts!


Unearthing the Sacred: Melanie Stevens

In the past year, much of the population has bandied around the words logic and facts as if they know what they mean. In regards to facts, there are certain ideaologies that we’ve constructed about our universe that we can all agree for the most part, as factual and true. Then there’s the idea of facts being that which is declared as true by those who we choose to align ourselves with. But, I’m not wishing to speak of facts. Logic, I find, is an interesting subject, for most of us believe we employ logic in our everyday rationality of the world around us. Logic is “the science of distinction of true from false reasoning” [Source]. Scientists have given us a set of guidelines for obtaining logical conclusions to any hypothesis (personally, I think many confuse hypothesis with conclusive evidence in this day and age):

  1. Make an observation.
  2. Ask a question.
  3. Form a hypothesis, or testable explanation.
  4. Make a prediction based on the hypothesis.
  5. Test the prediction.
  6. Iterate: use the results to make new hypotheses or predictions (as needed.) [Source]

As a side thought, at the beginning of last Spring, I had posted something on Facebook asking why we would ridicule an idea that had already been proven by scientists two decades prior as valid and therefor accepted by the medical community as true. I was told it was “pseudoscience.” (Just one of many instances I have of where rationality went out the window in favor of the group narrative.)

I was thinking about logic today because I was having one of those imaginary conversations some of us end up formulating in our minds (either you think I’m crazy or you know exactly what I’m talking about.) It regarded the difference between my experience and someone else’s who was more than willing to “set me straight” on what I could see versus what he could see. (Just a note, daydreams can sometimes suck if you feel argumentative. Lol!) He went on to explain to me in great detail why what I saw was a mere optical illusion and could be explained by various anomalies or problems concerning the eye. (I can be quite technical in my daydreams.) In response, I, of course, ripped him a new one explaining my qualifications for rational thought, listing my college GPA, IQ testing score, even how I managed to ace my science and math finals miraculously. (This is not something I would normally do in real life as GPA’s are based upon, for the most part, your ability to memorize and focus, and IQ tests are based upon your ability to rationalize patterns and abstract thought – of which many artists would excel. Neither delve into the genius that lies in everyone that is undetectable by such methods. We all have genius and it cannot be boxed into one small category of excellence, thus making it ridiculous and devaluing. It ends up creating an irrational categorization of worth that needs to be overhauled.) I then went onto explain that limitation of thought, and therefore experience, endows people with an irrational idea that their experience is the only true one and any experience that any one has outside of their understanding must have either 1.) an inability to think rationally by testing their hypothesis using the scientific method or 2.) an over-active imagination. I will be the first to say I do have an over-active imagination, which I’m absolutely and irrevocably ecstatic to have. My imagination allows me to explore in ways that I rarely see in others. It allows me to question everything that comes into my existence and if certain “irrational” things could be a part of that existence, which then allows me to explore the possibilities of how to implement things that make no rational thought in the society of that which surrounds me into my own experience. Can something that seems irrational, illogical, unsubstantiated by traditional science (Quantum Physics is a whole different subject) be brought into existence through changing ideology and through practice? At this point in my life with the experiences I have had come into my knowledge, my answer is an emphatic yes. Just about anything I can set my mind to can be had. It’s just a “small” matter of figuring out how to get the mind, heart, and body lined up into believing it.

Limitation of thought has us casting judgement upon others and devaluing their beingness.
Their experience is not our experience. We have the tendency to cast judgment before even asking questions, which shows our own limitations, as well as intelligence. So, before casting judgments upon others, I hope we all will consider asking ourselves the following questions first before declaring other’s beingness as less than:

  1. Have I asked any clarifying questions?
  2. Are the other person’s words a possible explanation of something within my own experience that I use different words for? (ie. In Christian terminology, God is used to explain the all-powerful creator. In other religions it may be Allah, Demeter, Odin, Gitche Manitou. In Atheists terminology it may be Energy or Interconnection. Asking more clarifying questions may help.)
  3. If it’s not something that I have experienced, is there a method, practice, or research that I can do to perhaps share in or understand that experience?
  4. If I am not understanding at all, how may I better hear the other person? Do I need to let go of some of my own biases?
  5. Is my judgment really necessary in forcing upon another? If so, what does my righteousness say about my own self-worth?
  6. What are my most important values in life and am I expressing them in this situation?
  7. Is my judgment based upon what I have been told by external sources as being true in life? Have I ever questioned the validity of that information within my own experience? Why or why not?


Unearthing the Sacred: Melanie Stevens

In the 90’s, I couldn’t devour enough books on anything esoteric, mainly because it was difficult to find many. At that time, anything connected with the concept of spirit world was particularly frowned upon as something ridiculous and unbelievable, even by those that followed a religion that claimed miracles and resurrections. I never understood this, but, then again, we live in this world that believes only that which can be seen, heard, and physically touched as valid, all the while contradicted by lofty thoughts of a God in the sky. As to sight, I only catch glimpses into the spirit realm. Auditorily, I have heard things said by unseen beings but only on the cusp of a dream. Physically though, this is something I am quite familiar with. Normally when you think of someone who channels spirits, you, like me, probably imagine them to see or hear energies. I’m not one of those. I either physical feel them or receive what I like to call “downloads.”

It wasn’t until recently, in the past year, that I even knew that I could channel. Looking back, however, I realize that I’ve been able to do it for a very long time. The earliest that I can remember, at the moment, of having channeled was in my early 20’s. I remember sitting on the couch, reading a book, and feeling the presence of someone’s hand on my knee and then poking. I told it to go away and hadn’t really thought much about it over the years. (Seriously, what was I thinking at the time??!) A few years ago, there was a guy I had been briefly seeing whom I seemed to have a weird soul connection with that I can’t fully explain. I would have this feeling come over me that I can only describe as joyful euphoria like this serenity just washed over me. It wasn’t until recently that I realized that feeling is what I get when I channel higher vibrational spirits. At the end of 2019, after months of doing a routine of qigong and kundalini yoga, I would sit in meditation with a strange sensation that I can only describe as having my head “lock” into place, as if this position firmly established a direct communication line to the spirit realm. A few months later, as my thoughts would wander in meditation, my head began moving without conscious direction from myself. Finding my head to go one way only in a yes/no question began the adventure. Head nods forwards/backwards for yes and from side to side meaning no, quickly was built upon with counter-clockwise circling indicating maybe yes and clockwise as a maybe no. Eventually my head and eyes were directed to items or pictures around the room and a new symbolic language was started. After experimenting with this head thing, I decided to try the rest of the body and found during some of the slower qigong movements that my arms would be directed to do different gestures than I was supposed to be doing at the time. This helped cement the current level of channeling I do which is using books to access messages. When I am willing to channel, I will ask the spirit which book or books will best convey their message by allowing use of my arm to indicate. As I sit and open the book to a random page, my right hand with index finger pointed will begin circling and then eventually move to find the correct page to begin. As my finger flows around the pages, I feel a magnetic pulling over different words, some of which may be similar to the specific word being sought, until finally landing or hovering over the correct one. The key word here is magnetic. Energy is magnetic and when frequencies agree, there is a bonding. This is how channeling works. A magnetic bonding is being created to symbols, words, visuals, thoughts, or emotions. When you become more in tune with yourself, you learn to become sensitive to that magnetic pulling of energy. You all have this ability innate within.

To gain access to this ability, I think, is in part dependent on how you specifically will channel but, more importantly, getting your energy into alignment. As an empath, I spent my life at the whim of other’s emotions. Confused why I could go from happy to depressed to anger in seconds, it took me years to figure out how most of the emotions I experienced were not mine. I tried so many different things, yet nothing helped to get my emotions under control. My qigong and kundalini yoga routine is what did it for me, but it will vary with everyone. The reason though that these two or, maybe just one, may help to get you into more alignment is that they’re both about breath work and aligning the energy within the body. Finding the energy alignment allows for more focus and clearer thinking. I once heard of a lady that would twirl in a circle 33(?) times which was her way of aligning. In fact, when I’m doing my gratitudes for the day, to get my body caught up with the feeling aspect of the gratitudes, I jump – quick jumps and then a shaking of the legs (kinda like twirking) that brings vibration up from my feet to the top of my body as I raise my hands to the sky. It’s weird I know, but my body becomes fully in alignment to the emotional and thought frequency that I’m otherwise experiencing. Mind/body/heart connect.

One other thing about channeling that I don’t think gets discussed much is objectivity. I learned quickly that when I have a desired answer for any question I ask, it can, and probably will, be mirrored back to me, particularly if I am dealing with lower vibrational beings that do not serve love. If you don’t know, ask if they serve love. This seems to be the one question they can’t answer with a lie. Being in a place of love while channeling is imperative as it allows you complete non-judgement and clear answers free of your own personal persuasion.

Let me know if you have had similar or other intuitive experiences. I’d love to hear about them!

If anyone’s interested in having a session with me, check out my new Services (absolutely free, btw.)


Unearthing the Sacred: Melanie Stevens

First a brief story in quotes:

“I want to write a novel about Silence,” he said; “the things people don’t say.” [Virginia Woolf, The Voyage Out]

“So, the sounds emerging from us are ultimately a manifestation in our physical experience of the thoughts we are having. These thoughts are coded through symbols by way of our past experience and memories. That coding is produced from something, for how else do we translate language into symbol? Therein lies the truth: we are the coding.” [Jarrod Byrne Mayer, The Architecture of Sound and the Alchemy of Transcendence]

“If you do not run your subconscious mind yourself, someone else will run it for you.” [Florence Scovel Shinn, The Complete Works of Florence Scovel Shinn]

“When you connect to the silence within you, that is when you can make sense of the disturbance going on around you.” [Stephen Richards]

First off, if you you want to read a story of sound and/or silence, I cannot say enough about Jarrod Byrne Mayer’s ‘The Architecture of Sound and the Alchemy of Transcendence.’ It’s an absolutely beautiful piece of work and worth every penny. And, secondly if you want to learn the Law of Attraction there is no better authority than Florence Scovel Shinn.

We live in a world that appears to believe that…. you know, I’m actually confused on this point. Politicians and other so-called “authority” figures may say anything, do anything, and be absolutely contrary to whatever they say and do at any given moment. They will be forgiven in real time as long as they are on the “right” side. If they are on the “wrong” side everything they do or say or not do or say will never be forgiven and will only ever be reviled. So, is it all about alignment or all about brainwashing? That I find easy to answer. We claim to “align” ourselves with parties, groups, external figures of all kinds but, I think, the word we’re looking for is “position.” We position ourselves to allow others to think for us. And, yes, as much as that sentence may rankle many, it is a correct one. When we align with an external factor, we automatically give up our autonomy. If we align within, we could be viewing the world objectively, from a place of love – one that does not position us to choose a side. Personally, I like to think of this time in history as the Age of Hypocrisy where we don’t mean what we say, think, or do if it contradicts what the outcome we had hoped to achieve or if that position is changed due to the external factors that we rely upon. Is anything really “truth” in this world that is dependent upon external validation?

I have so many friends and family that insist it is their duty to be informed and that they can handle any negativity that is inevitable with the so-called “news.” Some of them even thoughtlessly say they have no opinion and could care less about politics, until…. Until one of my many aggravating qualities of being able to get to the heart of another’s words places them into a revelatory position wherein the truth is laid bare. The many lies we tell ourselves is so convoluted and buried under layers of external manipulation, but who wants to do the work to divest themselves of that cloak of ego validation? Getting truly aligned within is work, but so worth it as the fog lifts and the spiritual gifts begin pouring in and the love… oh, the love! For, within the silence of our words, thoughts, and heart is wherein the zero-point lies. It is here where knowingness and consciousness is to be found. This is a place of pure love that is non-judgmental and can see “into the hearts of man.” The process to get there is exponentially uncomfortable but to find oneself, at the very least, fluctuating in and around this baseline of love is phenomenally worth every moment. At every step of the way from unconsciousness to consciousness, we’ll believe ourselves to be fully in that moment and placement of the zero-point, and yet, if our journey continues, we inevitably realize that the purity and clarity of what we seek keeps transforming into something infinitely more enriching and fulfilling. We are never at our end-point in this creation and should always strive to be ever-evolving.

Having spent most of my life subject to external judgment and validation, I still fluctuate in and around that zero-point, sometimes veering way off range. But, the difference is vastly apparent from what it once was. I lived my life reactionary to others and swayed with the tragedies of the day that came from “breaking news.” I only had an inkling that I was off-base. On a social stand-point, I never could find my footing and had absolute fear of revealing my “flaws” which I was told in various ways throughout my life would not only make me a pariah but made me worthless. It was the politics that began waking me up to the realization that I couldn’t understand both sides. I’ve always been a middle of the road kind of gal, but, without realizing it, I had veered far onto one end of the spectrum. That did not sit well, for that I knew was not me. Discerning my socially perceived notions of who I am was wholly different and slow in coming. I still fight everyday to realign with that zero-point of love. I’ve come to know though, that EVERYTHING and ANYTHING that makes me feel uneasy, irritated, hateful, envious, off-balance, upset, sad, or worthless is NEVER, EVER coming from a place of love, meaning it is NEVER coming from me, for my soul (just as your soul) ONLY knows love. So, always, please, ask every moment of every day:

Where is the love?

Weaving a New Sunshine

Unearthing the Sacred: Weaving a New Sunshine

Evolution of the mind/body/heart complex is about finding alignment. But, what is alignment? To begin, let’s say the soul is your foundation point of which the rest of you radiates. The soul stands within what’s called the zero-point, a place of existence where silence can be found. It is the God-factor of universal love. The soul only knows love and hence it is only love. From that zero-point comes the existence of a plan or blueprint, coding of the soul’s existence within the physical plane such as major learning events to experience, along with special gifts and abilities (which we all have.) Upon entering this physical world, you begin your life from a standpoint of pure love, joy, and light. But, then life happens. You watch others to understand what is expected of you. You hear the words that others tell you about the evils of the world or even about the evils of your own self. You feel the pain, sometimes physically but usually emotionally, of loneliness, despair, anger, and grief. Those experiences you wrap up into a tiny compacted ball of hurt and push it deep down into the bottom of your heart and exclaim how life is unfair and relive your hurts over and over until, hopefully, a “one day” comes and makes you sit up.

This is the moment you begin to weave a new sunshine into your life. For, when you no longer know what the purity of divine love is, you know not who you are. Through the influx of emotions, you have allowed others control over you, instead of finding the truth within. For the only truth that your soul has for you is love, only love, nothing more. Imagine rediscovering that zero-point of divine love that is the soul and finding yourself on a journey that is magical and enchanted, filled with a richness that you never could have even contemplated before. The closer you are to the love baseline of your soul, the more open to the creative expansion that can be had.

Creative expansion is about allowing new information to come into your awareness, doing and creating new things, having no judgement – for what others bring to you or for your own self, and being open to the consciousness of that which is the akashic field or two-dimensional plane. Within this plane of existence is found inspiration, creativity, and wisdom. Through your interaction with this dimension, you learn that what you have been taught in society doesn’t come close to the truth of what can be. The Universal Law of Abundance (or Attraction) alone defies your belief of having to work for… well, anything. If you were to mull over the entirety of your life and remember all the things that came into your life, how much of it did you really have to work for? Those things we have a tendency to work hard for or fight for, happen to be the hardest to obtain, don’t they? When you begin the slow progress of changing your convoluted belief systems that really just don’t serve you, the ego will begin its own fight for victory. It is a reminder that the ego (or trickster, negator, goblin) only knows habit and negativity. It will tell you not only all the harsh, horrible things you’ve already told yourself throughout your lifetime but will dredge up all the negative words and scenarios from anything you’ve digested into your thoughts – from the TV, movies, and books. The thing to remember though is that the truth of who you are is revealed only within your soul and, remember, the soul only knows love. Finding where the love resides, is what weaving the sunshine is all about. Most of you will say with conviction that you love yourself. But, the truth is, the further along you go on this spiritual journey, the clearer you’ll understand how little you may have actually loved yourself. Being in the zero-point of love requires the objectivity of non-judgment. How many opinions about the world or yourself do you hold? Love is an experience, a knowingness, not a mantra or conviction.

My journey has become filled with enchantment the closer I am to my zero-point and I find that where I was in mind/body/heart only a year ago is vastly different from where I am now. I invite you to come on this journey with me, into the mystical unknown and see what we may discover! Please let me know in the comments below a little snippet of your own journey into the enchantment of the unknown. Where on your journey are you at the moment and where do you hope to be?

Unearthing the Sacred: Melanie Stevens

American National vs. US Citizen

Unearthing the Sacred: Melanie Stevens

Did you know that there’s a difference between being an US citizen and an American National? Or that you have less rights as a citizen and person under the law? I didn’t know either. So, let me tell you a story…

The last few years, I was employed at a company that had illegal shadiness going on. I became extremely good at researching the employment law, as well as using the company’s employee handbook against the owner. Even when a new technology feature that was being pushed on its employees to download onto our phones, I researched the laws, refused to sign their contract in regards to this, refused to download the app onto my personal phone, and validated that the contract itself would violate federal and state laws specifically due to the inconsistent wording used throughout the illegal document thereby effectively taking away any rights I had on privacy were I to sign it. In the last few months, I was made aware of how other people were fighting laws and winning through means that I, and every other being in this country, have NEVER been made to understand. The first was a video of someone (I believe from another country) using the Magna Carta in defense (seriously, how many of us know much, if anything, about the Magna Carta? I had, maybe, a 20 minute lecture.) The second, was a video of a man who kept saying he was a “Natural Man” and was not subject to the jurisdiction of the court. I was fascinated.

This morning I went walking mulling over the taxation issue we have in this country. One thing that came into my awareness this year was that the enforcement of filing our taxes is NOT an actual law. In fact, taxation on wages is illegal (still looking into that one – only taxation on profit is legal.) So, my question was: how can a non-legalized scheme be enforced as if it were legal? I realized there must be preceding laws invalidating a legalized status. Under certain rulings concerning religion, there could be some cause for concern (see here.) Secondly, taxation could be considered like dues to a union which would violate our right to say no (see here.) Or, more importantly, the US government could be seen as a corporation in which, technically, a monopoly is then in place (see here.) There was also a question of how government is defined, though it also turns out to be how everything is defined by law. The thing about all of this is wording. Every legal document has holes because of the terminology used and the words as defined by law.

This rumination led to a phone call to one of my good friends. I was excited and I wanted to share my thoughts. I knew I was onto something even if I hadn’t quite figured it out yet. This conversation had him calling up another friend of his to explain to me the difference between American National and US Citizen, as defined by law. So, we are automatically convinced of our citizenship to the United States through every little thing we do – driver’s license, social security card, birth certificate, the filing of taxes, the documentation that we are required to fill out for employment, etc. We buy into the system without understanding that we not only don’t have to but without understanding our rights as a citizen versus as an American National, or even more importantly as a human. Documentation within federal guidelines states that we will have guaranteed rights as a citizen. What it does not state is you have every right as an American National or natural human (barring harming someone or their property or signing legally binding contracts that you violate.) As a citizen or person of the US, you are subject to an authority over you. When we go to court for some violation of federal or state codes (not law!) they automatically skip the part that asks if you are an US citizen. As a citizen or “person” (defined as “corporations and associations existing under or authorized by the laws of either the United States, the laws of any of the Territories, the laws of any State, or the laws of any foreign country”) you are subject to the jurisdiction of the courts. As a National, you are not. The problem comes in that we have been deceived in our understanding of the law, as well as definitions of terminology under the law that we have given away our rights by, essentially, signing continual contracts with the US government. Currently, I’m in the process to understand how to get myself out of that system and declare my sovereignty. And, that’s the thing – as spiritual beings we are our own sovereign.

Want to learn more? Follow these links:

Why a National?

Learn the law here:

Black’s Law 4th Edition (You may be able to find a free pdf file online.)

And, please repost this, or rewrite it your own words. Just get the message out there! But read, read, read. You must know the law to navigate it. and, you must invalidate your citizenship first before you declare yourself a sovereign being who is not subject to an external authority.

A word of note:

In the middle of writing this, I realized I was channeling something that kept getting heavier physically on me that I finally had to ask who it was. The words it used to describe itself was “societal structure.” The physical sensation I had consisted of extreme pressure on my eyes, slightly less on the temples and 3rd eye, and slight pressure around my throat. The entity gave approval to the metaphorical pressure upon the society as a whole – mental (temples), intuition (3rd eye), self-expression (throat chakra), and the vision or being able to see clearly. Following this entity was a series of others that I declined to channel as the physical pressure was still intense. It appears everyone wanted to have a say about this post.

Rhythm of the Aura Body

Melanie Stevens: Rhythm of the Aura Body

Cicadas, if you take the time to listen to their song, have a very rhythmic calling – almost like breathing, in and out, in and out. Their sound resonates from within their corrugated exoskeleton or tymbal, a drumlike buckling and unbuckling of muscle contractions. In their night’s drumming circle, it is only when an outside influence intrudes upon their territory that the sound stops and must begin anew. Fireflies have a similar rhythmic pulsing particularly when in chosen alignment to other fireflies in the area. In truth, all of nature has this natural rhythm (including humans, think circadian rhythms.) Throughout history, the indigenous people have employed drumming to evoke a heartbeat type rhythm to help align the tribe to the Earth. Essentially, it is used as “a map or blueprint” particularly for shamanic rituals in guiding souls through the various stages of consciousness or spirit world, and back into their physical bodies. It is said by the indigenous that dis-ease or illness occurs “when missed beats cause the rhythmic unity of the body to falter” [Sacred Path Cards: “Drums,” Jamie Sams] Disunity occurs from the allowance of external events to dictate the body’s rhythm or disharmony. Disorganization in a system occurs due to a glitch in the rhythm of which outside disturbances create discord on its internal system. 

Every culture and religion on Earth speaks of cycles and it’s imperative nature upon the soul, mind, and body – for they are all inextricably linked. For example, the Chinese culture assigned this idea into what may be called “the aura body.” Essentially, we come into this world in five colors (with influences from the surrounding colors,)*** bringing with us different heart and brain activity, characteristics, and judgments of the world around us. When our individual rhythm is not honored, whether by others or our own selves, we can either become extremely focused on our individual self that we can no longer see or understand another or become alienated from our original rhythmic source. When off-rhythm with your own tuning and that of the Universe’s, it will show up in not only illness but lower density emotional energy that includes hate, fear, anger, guilt, and depression, and an incapability to hear others or see into their souls. A magnet has two sides, yes? One side we call positive and one side called negative. If we were to use the magnet as a metaphor of who we are, most of us would say positive, wouldn’t we? And, of course, we always find our “enemy” on the negative side, right? The thing with magnets though is the positive and negative merely mean that which attracts and that which repels. That which attracts is always in alignment with our soul or rhythm, and that which repels is merely an indicator of that which doesn’t align. But, sometimes, like a coin, it may come with fancy external casings to distract us from its truth. With the magnets on your fridge, the positive side will be anchored to the fridge and it is the negative side that will have the pretty butterfly or funny words that get to you each time. Both sides of the magnet have power in them and in able for two magnets to come together it is through having one positive side face the negative of the other. Where there is positive, there usually is negative – just depends on your viewpoint which one you see. It is the core of the magnet that should be the reminder that we all come from the same source. Sometimes, the negative must always have a positive, just as the positive must always have a negative. It is through realigning with our own individual rhythm that we may come to the zero-point between positive and negative and find where we truly exist – at the center.

Our ability to sense the energy from outside of us acts like a magnetic net that, if not properly cycled or rejected, metabolizes into the body creating dis-ease. Developing the ability to deter the external stimuli would prove beneficial – ways such as acupressure, energy work, qigong, practicing good nutrition, tapping on your K-27 points (*noted below*), and consistently realigning your thoughts towards more positive ones. A thinking person, who remains aware that s/he is energy, is valuable in this world. Everything and everyone is energy, creating more energy. Actions are energy. Emotions are energy. Words are energy. Thoughts are energy. What we CHOOSE in each moment of consciousness or how we react to external stimuli decides our path. Every moment controls the path we take – whether that is positive or negative is up to you to choose.

**K-27 Points [Energy Medicine, by Donna Eden]: 

  1. Find the bumps at the end of the collar bone (under the neck), slide fingers down about an inch to an inch and a half and then slightly outward (about same distance) – this placement is the K-27’s. (For help in finding them, see this video.)
  2. Once you have found these points, cross your hands using the middle finger of each to rest on the opposite point.
  3. While tapping, breath in through the nose and out through the mouth.
  4. After step 3, hook one middle finger in the navel and rest fingers of other hand on K-27 points. Pull upward on the navel for 2-3 deep breaths.

This technique raises the energy levels when tired, confused, or the brain just isn’t functioning at its peak.  Essentially, it’s a wake up call.

***The section on “The Aura Body” was channeled and corrected from the classic understanding of what’s otherwise known as the “5 Elements” or “5 Seasons.”

Creating Through Dreams

Melanie Stevens: The Creative Egg

It is said the beginning of a dream tells what the issue is. The middle explains how to resolve the issue, and the third part shows the outcome if you were to pursue this path. I once had a dream (1996) in which I wrote:

In a classroom, [we’re] sitting at our desks and some people were passing things out of theirs as we were to share everything. It was a very controlled atmosphere and it seems I was slightly scared or fearful of something bigger than I could comprehend – it was something about how the atmosphere was so controlled. I remember getting this card from Aadrik – it contained a card, some embroidery floss (brown and one other color,) and something else. I remember taking the brown floss and starting to hand it to the person in front of me (because I thought I HAD to give it away – I thought that was the rules) but someone told me (internally) that I could keep it. Surrounding us was some sort of market. It was dark, mysterious, and packed with people going to and fro. I remember the first booth – it was all just floss – beautiful greens, blues, and such wonderful turquoise colors. I felt a little comfort here surrounded by such beautiful colors. I wanted to block out all the noise and people, pressures, rules, and power, but I had to leave (perhaps go back to class) because I would’ve been in trouble.

Dreams always tell us the truth, even if we don’t understand them. If there ever was a time to break the rules and delve into the vibrancy of the blues, greens, and turquoises, this is the time. The classroom of learning the “rules” is over. It’s time now to start breaking them and forging our own path. Listen to your dreams, for they don’t allow you to not create and will give you subtle, as well as sometimes blatant, ideas, materials to work with, and final projects to be realized.

Any dream that needs sharing?


Melanie Stevens

The first time I heard of the morphogenetic field was through reading Moray B. King’s Tapping the Zero-Point Energy. I was drawn to quantum physics last Fall when my whole world started to become surreal with the first sighting of energy strands. Though his book is quite technical and specific to inventors and scientists, the comparisons he would make to the law of attraction fascinated me and had me devouring the, for all intents and purposes, foreign language of specs and scientific formulas. It was only 2 days ago that a similar phrase, morphogenetic studies, popped up in a completely unrelated topic – that of covid-19. As I like to do extreme research when it comes to anything that fascinates I had found a scholarly report on the biological specifics of the virus. To be quite honest, once I found that phrase, I got side-tracked. For, in my handbook of things to look out for, phrases I’ve never heard of before that start popping up with more frequency needs attention, for the Universe is trying to tell me something.

Morphogenesis (which I also came across, and important), defined:

  • morphe: shape
  • gen: that which produces; born of; of relation to
  • genesis: beginning

Essentially, the beginning of shape/form. The Book of Genesis tells of morphogenesis in a much more eloquent way:

In the beginning when God created the heavens and the earth

the earth was a formless void and darkness covered the face of the deep, while a wind from God swept over the face of the water.

Then, God said “Let there be light;” and there was light.

In other words, in the beginning there was a formless void but then God spoke words into being, to create form.

Morphogenetic, defined:

  • morphe: shape
  • gen: that which produces; born of; of relation to
  • genetics: field of biology; the study of hereditary traits of an organism and its relation to its group/category at large

Now, a morphogenetic field is a cell grouping that responds to localized biochemical signals for the development of specific structures, such as organs. Essentially they act according to local needs or wants but create and contribute to the greatness of the universal structure. Or, like my banner image at the beginning, ‘Heal the World. Cook dinner tonight.’

To clarify where it is I’m going with all of this, I decided to do a tarot card reading. This is the spread:

Melanie Stevens

Tarot Reading Summary:

Within the structure of that which is the self, this is unique time that is being given as a gift by the Universe. On one hand, it is a time of contemplation, a pause to allow for inner reflection and reassessment of all that we believe ourselves to be. On the other hand, it’s also not the time for withdrawing from the world. We have these outside influences that are pushing on us through fear, division, upheaval, and isolation. However, there is so much going on within that self-structure. (For clarification purposes, when I refer to the self-structure, this is meaning the localized unit in general, including the self, the family unit, the friend circle, and perhaps the community interactions such as coworkers.) This localized unit or self-structure is undergoing very fundamental changes currently. This is a time in which balance can be achieved, understanding of our worth can be realized, and connection to not only others but our higher selves can be firmly established. This is a time of centering within the self and releasing the ways of the world that have been firmly rooted. It is a purging of things that no longer serve us – ideas, societal structures, class systems, material desire for ownership, superficiality in all its guises. On the surface it appears to be an enforced withdrawing from the world and yet it will fully establish our connections through more authentic relations. As much as those outside influences are tightening up their control and power over, they did not count on the fact that due to the upheaval through fear that has been created, it’s creating this subterranean development of self-awareness. But it’s more than that. It’s an internal revolution that, unfortunately for the powers that be, cannot be stopped. It’s like a tsunami – we can see that the water is receding quickly from the banks but can’t yet see that wave forming to wipe away the old world. As we reflect on an individual level, we are uniting on a collective level. One of the external (ie. outside visuals or forces) cards I had drawn was the 4 of wands reversed. Upright, it would mean a collective celebration. To me, in the context in which it was laid out, I see it as a possible show of celebration following the lift of lockdown but more of a celebratory uniting on an internal level that may not be first perceived from the outside. This is the morphogenesis and we are a part of the morphogenetic field. The trappings and trash of the external diversions are being cleared away to make room for the collective breath and the formless void that will lead to the spoken word, bringing forth a new world. This is the unmanifested beginning. We are formulating our group/collective intuition – starting on the level of self, to the localized collective, to the universal. As we turn our attention more and more away from that which we don’t want and onto that which we do want (which is inevitable whether you are still working or in self-quarantine) we become of a greater value to not only those around us but to the world at large, and can truly become a part of the world soul collective. We will stop holding onto alignments with those groups that aren’t in alignment with our higher selves. It may not seem like that now, for currently there is much pushing from all sides, attempting to keep us in a holding place of chosen ignorance, non-thinking, and superficiality. That time has come to an end, and the day is dawning into a vastly different world. Do not fear, for fear has no place in the world, except as a means to control. Fear is what holds us in stagnation and blinds us to truth. This is chaotic beauty at its best. This is truly a time to bring joy in, raising our vibration for the healing and ascension of not only ourselves but the whole world. Seek only the manifestation of self-happiness, for it will bring in the joy of the collective. It is through the morphogenetic field that our happiness is taken up by others, first within the local, then spreading like wildfire through the collective. We don’t need to preach it, just be it.

Towards the end of the reading, an Eastern Mourning Dove demanded my attention at my door. Literally. It was banging awfully loud – sounded like it flew into the window a few times, but was merely sitting on a table when I came to the door. I find its significance not only of its totem meaning but its demand upon my attention to be well worth the notice for this reading. According to, “reality is shifting in ways you never thought possible.” Chaos happens before dreams are realized. It can “be heralding an end of a problematic cycle in your life, thereby announcing a time of new worlds opening up to you.” This is a time to surrender to the chaos, spread our wings, and allow the winds to take us.

This is the time to figure out who you truly are on the spiritual level.

Blessed be.

The Breakdown

Melanie Stevens

Fascinating paradoxical socially-conditioned conundrums we are being exposed to now:
1. Learning to place self, or even society, above responsibility normally reserved for job/career.
2. Learning to accept kindness from others after having been conditioned into believing “handouts” prove your lack of value. (Maybe, it really does take a village…)
3. Learning that facts we are taught to memorize mean nothing when faced with the understanding that only the creative exploration of ideas and the sharing of resources, not only gets us through times of crisis, but expands futuristic thinking.
4. For those that are such extroverts, it sucks to find out you perhaps should have learned a long time ago how to ‘go within.’ And introverts, on the other hand, are finding they actually miss people. (Finding balance within can mean exploring the opposite of that which we think we are.)
5. Having for the first time (for many) the ability to actually do anything you ever wanted to do (within a socially-distancing format of course, such as learn new skills) and then going back to a restrictive setting is guaranteed to make us all rethink our possibilities.
6. Being forced to slow down, really does push you to take a good hard look at yourself. And, if still having to work when fearing for your financial security and health even more than usual, may just cause revolution within (old world society best revolutionize along with you.)
7. How we have viewed society and its set-up has not only changed but exposed itself to being restrictive, that, maybe, creativity will come back in style in all aspects of society.
8. The way we view the job situation and our very foundational structures (healthcare, gov., edu., econ.) – whether it’s the hierarchical construct, the restrictions and treatment of employees, or the operation thereof will be required to expand in understanding and format.
9. Having to learn that the historically perceived understanding of another’s value is in itself of no value. Who and what is of value in times of crisis is vastly different, isn’t it? Remember that shit when you judge another’s worth.
10. Our government is bound to die out in this (have you seen those press conferences?) which, if honest, rather intrigues me.
11. And, finally, your race does not matter. Your culture does not matter. Your religion does not matter. Your political stance does not matter. Your bullshit alignments based on separatism do not matter. Those things will not make you immune. What may matter though is how you have treated your “temple” (body), how you use your brain, if you can find your center, and the compassion and love you give and receive. Or, perhaps, pure luck. Either way, the world is forcing us to reexamine what’s important. This would be a good time to do just that.

Feel free to add anything I may have missed that your seeing from your perspective!