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The mission of Unearthing the Sacred will be to create, inspire, and believe in one’s own navigational compass through learning and developing creative thinking in all areas of life. Creativity, while usually associated merely with the arts, is to be applied to all areas of life, including, but not limited to, career, relationships, hobbies, and financial. The more expansive we learn to be, the more intriguing and magical life becomes.

Unearthing the Sacred was created by Melanie Stevens – artist, spiritual seeker, navigator through the creative realm. My mission for Unearthing the Sacred is to create, inspire, and help others believe in one’s own navigational compass through the creative process.

I’ve always viewed myself as an Artist (and probably came out of the womb with a paintbrush in hand.) My Grandmother began teaching me techniques – color, shading, etcetera – along with my cousins who also became Artists in their own right.  With a Bachelors of Fine Arts from Indiana University of South Bend, I began WaterlilyandVine, funky jewelry to bring out the Goddess in any woman daring enough.

In 2015, the idea of Unearthing the Sacred was conceived as a creative tool for navigating the soul’s ascension. Creativity, over the years, has slowly eroded in the majority of society, partly due to our educational system applauding memorization while dismissing any creative program as a waste of precious resources. Human nature too has a tendency to stagnate and hold preference for that which is safe and familiar. Even with our financial and political institutions, we desire change but fool ourselves with a pseudo revamping of that which has always worked for us in the past. Usually reserved for the Arts, creativity is an endeavor that can and should be applied to all areas of life. It is what propels society forward to ever amazing and awe-inspiring climactic moments throughout history and into a brilliant future. This blog is merely the start, for I had to start somewhere, but the amazing ideas of things to come are bursting to see the light of day and to share among you. Sometimes the subjects will be fairly typical and sometimes too far left field for you, but the point is to stretch your boundaries, transform your idea of self, and to learn more about your capabilities and greatness within. Creativity comes at the cost of opening yourself up to a myriad of possibilities, seeing through an ever-evolving kaleidoscopic perspective, and redefining your boundaries to a more focused understanding of your soul’s truth. Creativity is never about playing it straight but “going down the rabbit hole” and facing the unknown. 

I am humble enough to lay no claim to guru-hood or infinite wisdom (and have a really, really long way to go) but hope to obtain them in years to come. In the meantime, I continue on my own path while guiding others on this beautiful and sometimes scary spiritual process.

Blog Posts quickie:

Redesigning the Self: Understanding the Core of Who We Are – Most of us float through life without really understanding who we are. Are we really who we say we are or are we merely the product of how others have defined us?

Altering the Little Things: Changing the Little Things to Make Way for the Big Things in Life – Being creative with what we have and not worrying about what we don’t. A hodge podge of various ways of changing our environment to bring out the inner us.

Spiritual Evolution: Expanding Our Souls Through Play – Focused specifically on spiritual development through creative play and exploration. For the open-minded only.

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