Soul Reading

A Soul Reading goes into the question “Who are you?” What is it about you that makes you unique? Your spiritual gifts and abilities have a tendency to be unclear, undefined, and unnoticeable. You have rare gifts that are so honed (or waiting to be developed) and yet go unnoticed because society has the tendency to place importance on tangible abilities that are useful in the financial gain through your chosen job or career. You are so much more than that though. Other information will be garnered too such as your true color (we don’t always get it right), your purpose in this lifetime, and qualities you have to be developed.

For soul readings, I specifically will channel your higher self or your soul. By inquiring, you offer me permission to connect with one of them. I will close the reading with asking for any messages that they may have to give you. These readings are beautiful, enlightening, and will aid you in your evolutionary spiritual journey.

If you wish to know more about how I channel click the button below:

To get your soul reading fill out the CONTACT form. Feel free to use a pseudonym and just specify in the comment box “Soul Reading.” Allow three days for me to respond with your reading. If what I channel resonates with you, feel free to make a donation on the homepage should you desire. Please do give me feed back by sending an email if it did or did not resonate with you. Thank you and have a blessed day!

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