Tarot Reading

Ask me one specific question. I know many readers ask that you keep your question to yourself, but, personally, I don’t like going in blind. Sometimes, a different question is being answered than the one posed. Because of this, do take some time to really hone your questions. What do you really want to have answered more than anything else in the world right now?

Depending on what guides me, I will choose from a variety of tarot and oracle decks. Part of my reading is developed through channeling and may not coincide with the traditional reading of the certain cards, therefore I won’t bother with informing you of those specific cards. However, my reading will be thorough and as detailed as I can be.

When choosing your question, avoid the yes/no ones. Try to only ask open-ended questions and please focus specifically on yourself, not on others or world issues. Tarot is symbolic, meaning the message is more poetic, and perhaps convoluted, than yes/no answers could ever offer. The answers that stem from my intuition need also to not be swayed by my personal opinion, which is why world-related questions will not be allowed. I have no opinion about you, therefor complete objectivity (a major component in channeling.) If I do happen to know you, please do not inform me of who you are until after the reading has been sent. The following are suggestions of questions you could ask:

  1. What is my soul’s purpose?
  2. What do I need to do in order to find Mr./Mrs. Right?
  3. What kind of qualities will he/she have?
  4. What do I need to do to align myself more with my soul?
  5. When I’m having trouble with negative emotion what is something that can help me realign?
  6. What is the best thing I could do for myself right now?
  7. What’s one spiritual gift that I have?
  8. How do I best express myself?
  9. What will be the biggest challenge I will face in this coming year?
  10. What is one goal I should focus on achieving?

I encourage you to do an internet search if you want some other ideas for questions. Your reading will be thorough, like I said, and will not have a one word answer, even if it’s a simple question. Besides giving you a reading that you can use, as well as learn and evolve from, I wish to challenge myself too.

If you decide this option is right for you, click here on CONTACT and leave your question in the message box with Tarot Reading somewhere in there. Feel free to use a pseudonym in the box for your name. Allow three days for me to respond with your reading. If you do find yourself resonating with the reading, feel free to make a donation on the home page if you so wish. Thank you!

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