Unearthing the Sacred

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Whoever said the spiritual journey was all light and love? Seeking God gets messy and confusing. The world turns upside down and yet, God demands absolute faith and submission when we deliberately choose his path. Society has taught us that reality remains steadfastly boring and stressful and, perhaps, without much point. But, being led by God, while demanding, comes alive in a mythological storyline of both darkness and light. It requires trust and a whole lot of forgiveness, but this is a path of freedom if you’re daring enough.

The process of awakening requires a three-fold method of revelation. The first reveals the incredible depth of a fear-based mentality that unfolds in disassociation, cognitive dissonance, and a mind/body/heart detachment from God. Conscious awareness begins the reconciliation process in the second phase and the third part constitutes the realization and active reunification of a splintered selfhood.

Though written in a compendium form, this isn’t a how-to but an individual prospectus of myth creation. God requires your conscious thought and so the reading has been written in a rather strange configuration with variance in difficulty as if the ebb and flow of tides. It’s also spiraling in order to reformat heart-thought resonance.

If you’re ready to begin your journey, God’s ready when you are.

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